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Blackhawks on Mapun and Turtle Islands
« on: April 09, 2022, 12:54:24 AM »

On the 30th of March 2022, two (2) S70i Blackhawk helicopters bearing tail numbers 115 and 117 made a successful flight mission to Mapun Islands and Turtle Islands both in the province of Tawi-Tawi.  This is during the maritime patrol and visit to the troops of LTGEN ALFREDO ROSARIO JR PA, Commander of the Western Mindanao Command (CWMC).  This historic first ever landing of the brand-new S70i Blackhawk helicopters to these remotest military installations of the AFP were safely executed by the Tactical Operations Wing Western Mindanao (TOWWM) under the leadership of its Wing Commander, COL DENNIS G ESTRELLA PAF(GSC).

During the visit, LTGEN ROSARIO JR PA took the opportunity to talk with the Air Force, Navy, and Marines personnel who are manning the country’s southern border.  He was also able to personally assess our prevailing security posture in the area which is a part of the Trilateral Cooperative Agreement (TCA) between the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  The TCA aims to ensure the peace and security of the joint borders of the participating countries through joint maritime patrols and other security cooperation activities.  Likewise, he was able to meet the Local Chief of Executives (LCEs) of Tawi-Tawi and thanked them for their support in our whole-of-nation approach in winning the peace and development for our country. Among the LCEs that he met were:

1.    Hon. Yshmael “Mang” Sali, Governor of Tawi-Tawi;
2.    Hon. Hadji Muhammad Faisal Jamalul, Mayor of Turtle Islands Municipality;
3.    Hon. Hamirin Ilani Al-Haj, Vice-Mayor of Mapun

During the course of the flight and troop visit, LTGEN ROSARIO was being briefed about the prevailing security situation in the area by BGEN ROMEO RACADIO PN(M), the Commander of Joint Task Force Tawi-Tawi and at the same time the Commander of the 2nd Marine Brigade stationed at Sanga-Sanga, Tawi-Tawi. Likewise, the Triad Staff of Western Mindanao Command (WMC) were brought along by LTGEN ROSARIO to personally look into their respective functional concerns to ensure the efficient and effective accomplishment of WMC mission. They were BGEN ANTONIO NAFARRETE PA, Deputy Commander for Internal Defense Operations of WestMinCom; Col Tex Suderio PA, the Chief of Unified Command Staff; COL Yasser Bara PA, the U2; Col Jess Montoya PA, the U3; and Col Wendell Basat, the U7.

The pilots from the 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing who flew all the way from Edwin Andrew Air Base at Zamboanga City were the following: MAJ BERNACION SJ MARIANO PAF, MAJ EDWIN A MARCOS PAF, MAJ KENDRICH A PIA PAF, MAJ LEAH JOY O LOPEZ PAF, 1LT NERIE C LACASANDILE PAF and 1LT ANALYN L BAUTISTA PAF.  They also took the opportunity to make ocular inspections of the probable landing zones in the different island group during future flight operations and other contingencies.  More importantly, they were able to send a strong signal to our comrades in arms and populace of the remotest areas of the Southern Philippines that delivery of logistics and medical emergency flights, both for the military and local populace, can be readily provided to them by the Philippine Air Force with the enhanced reach and capability of our newly-acquired S70i Blackhawk helicopters.

The Municipality of Turtle Islands hosts the Littoral Monitoring Station-Taganak and 312 Marine Company, MBLT12, 2MBDE  of the Philippine Navy. On the other hand, Mapun Island is the home of the Tactical Operations Squadron-Mapun of the Tactical Operations Group SulTaw, PAF under the able leadership of LTC Michael Vincent R Mallari PAF(GSC).  They are the primary AFP units that ensure the peace and security in the area and the protection of our rich marine resources.  They are both located at the vast Sulu Sea and approximately 230 Nautical Miles from Zamboanga City.


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Re: Blackhawks on Mapun and Turtle Islands
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Considering the distance to the remotest island ,PAF must consider installation conformal fuel tanks for the S70i black hawk helicopters. The conformal fuel tanks(1 tank=380 liters, total of 760liters for two tanks) can be install (within 15 mins) if required and remove if not needed. The cost will be substantial less compared  to winglet installed tanks . Although the amount of fuel is lesser but extra 120 nautical miles range is substantial .

The other option is an internal extra fuel tank which can be install within 10 minutes . it provides extra 733 liters of fuel or 120 extra nautical miles.

see links:

for conformal tanks.

for internal tank.


Options to increase operational range for S70i blackhawk helicopters

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Re: Blackhawks on Mapun and Turtle Islands
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...Except that there already is an existing airport in Tawi-tawi, as well the one in Sulu,  and helicopters already routinely travel the area without much trouble. (Zamboanga to Sulu and vice-versa, for example, is about 30 minutes by helicopter.)
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