Author Topic: Rhinemetal Oerlikon Skyshield HEL(High Energy Laser)  (Read 2897 times)


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Rhinemetal Oerlikon Skyshield HEL(High Energy Laser)
« on: December 15, 2016, 12:03:37 AM »
13 June 2016

Rheinmetall’s high-energy laser effectors at Eurosatory 2016

The Oerlikon Skyshield turret equipped with a HEL-effector instead of a conventional gun on show at Eurosatory 2016 took part in the Rheinmetall Live Laser Demonstration 2013. This event set a new standard for operational deployment of the Group’s mobile and stationary high-energy laser effectors.

Rheinmetall’s HEL effector is one part of a ground-based laser weapon system. This versatile air defence system consists of an Oerlikon Skyshield or Skyguard fire control unit for target acquisition and weapon control, coupled with an Oerlikon high-energy laser gun using a revolver gun turret equipped with HEL effectors. Each HEL effector consists of one 10 kW fibre laser and a beam-forming unit. Commercial off-
the-shelf fibre lasers were modified for an air defence role. The beam-forming unit provides diffraction-limited beam focusing, target imaging and fine tracking of the target.

By using beam-superimposing technology, Rheinmetall has concentrated the power of single laser beams into one tiny spot. This technology not only allows superimposition of multiple laser beams on a single gun platform, but also superimposition of multiple gun platforms. This enables an almost unlimited (e.g. 100kW and more) power output in line with the evolving air defence requirement. As a result, the high-energy laser gun provides efficient protection against a large spectrum of modern air threats.

Variants of the same technology are also available for ground and naval operations. For ground operations Rheinmetall has demonstrated the effectiveness of high-energy lasers in the 5 kW-class in an APC, the 20 kW class in a Boxer infantry
fighting vehicle as well as the 50 kW-class in an 8X8 truck container. For naval operations, the company combined a MLG 27 and a HEL effector of the 20 kW class, which underwent sea trials in 2015.