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Re-visiting "Silent War" by Victor Corpuz

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It's been 29 years since this book was published. A thesis distilled from Victor Corpuz's experience when he defected from the AFP to the CPP-NPA (or some would say became the ultimate Deep Penetrator Agent). The book was written after he came back to the fold and resumed his duties as an officer in the AFP.

The concepts contained within, and the critique of the predominantly kinetic Search and Destroy tactics of the Martial Law era AFP inspired the next generation of post-Martial Law officers to seek another way, and gave birth to current crop of OPLANs:

Lambat Bitag
Bantay Laya

COIN approaches that actually focused on improving the welfare of the people within liberated areas, to ensure that they stay liberated.

Sir A, is this book being sold in National Bookstore?


--- Quote from: El_Filibusterismo1978 on November 29, 2016, 03:22:54 PM ---Sir A, is this book being sold in National Bookstore?

--- End quote ---

Haven't checked in a long time. But that's where I got my copy.

Victor Corpuz's writings paved the way for OPLAN Lambat Bitag, which then became Bantay Laya, then more recently OPLAN Bayanihan.

With even Bayanihan coming to a close, what's next?



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