Author Topic: Heavy-duty Trucks in Service with PLA  (Read 1313 times)


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Heavy-duty Trucks in Service with PLA
« on: August 15, 2020, 04:29:08 AM »

30 July 2020
New heavy-duty trucks in service with PLA's Tibet Military District

According to Chinese news sources, Shaanxi won the bid for a third-generation heavy-duty truck procurement programme in 2017. It is understood that the truck was required to be built entirely using locally made components, as opposed to using parts made by foreign companies that have predominated in previous generations of PLAGF trucks.

The vehicle was reportedly also required to have independent suspension and an automatic transmission ďas well as a modular design, allowing the base chassis to be used for a number of roles. From the available footage it appears that the trucks are built around a semi-rigid chassis with a forward control cab and a mid-body engine.

The truck has a large load tray at the rear of the chassis that extends from the rear of the second axle to the end of the chassis. The vehicles in the video were shown in a basic troop or cargo-carrying configuration.

A screengrab from CCTV 7 video footage released on 28 July showing new heavy-duty trucks (the two vehicles in the foreground) that have entered service with the PLAís Tibet Military District. (CCTV 7)