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Combat Camera Team
« on: May 22, 2020, 09:41:41 PM »
Brigada (The Brigade): Combat Camera Team
GMA Public Affairs
In a span of 153 days, more than a thousand soldiers have been wounded, over a hundred troops killed in action, more than 6,000 families forcibly displaced to over 30 evacuation centers, and one peaceful city is now devastated.

In the middle of intense firefight in Marawi City, two members of the Combat Camera Team of the 3rd Scout Ranger Battalion are extremely busy. Their mission in the frontline is to document all the operations of the Philippine Armys combatant units. Marisol Abdurahman meets Codename Alpha and Codename Bravo who use their cameras and not their rifles as primary weapons in the war.

Meanwhile, now that the war in Marawi is over, some residents are gradually picking up the pieces in the hopes of restoring their war-torn city. Raffy Tima joins some of the internally displaced persons who dream of bringing their beloved Marawi back to life.