Author Topic: How do Americans feel about US arms sales?  (Read 720 times)


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How do Americans feel about US arms sales?
« on: July 13, 2019, 04:10:44 PM »
How do Americans feel about US arms sales? Not great.

According to a new public opinion poll, 70 percent of Americans oppose arms sales to other nations and see the transactions as a threat to national security. However, when it comes to the U.S.-Saudi relationship, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs found that 50 percent of Americans feel the alliance weakens U.S. national security, while 45 percent say it does more to strengthen national security.

Saudi Arabia has long been viewed as a valuable security partner for US grand strategy in the Middle East. As such, it has received significant military aid and equipment from the United States,” the think tank said in its findings.

As for opposition to U.S. arms sales in general, the poll found that this view crosses traditional partisan lines: 75 percent of Democrats, 70 percent of Independents and 62 percent of Republicans expressed a lack of safety associated with arms sales. “Overall, 20 percent say arms sales make no difference to US safety, while just 9 percent say they make the US safer,” the think tank reported.