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Indonesian National Police deploys largest-ever vessel for South China Sea patrols
04 July 2019

The Indonesian National Police's water directorate has deployed its largest-ever patrol vessel, KP Yudistira (8003), to the service's Riau archipelago district command.

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According to information from its shipbuilder, PT Daya Radar Utama (PT DRU), Yudistira has an overall length of 73 m, an overall beam of 11 m, a draft of 3 m, and a standard displacement of 1,100 tonnes. It was launched by PT DRU at its Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta shipyard on 4 May 2018.

Powered by two Caterpillar C175-16 diesel engines, and three Caterpillar 150 KW generators driving two fixed-pitch propellers, the vessel can reach a top speed of 18 kt. It also carries a spare 65 kW generator for emergencies.

Yudistira has a crew complement of 56, including segregated accommodation for up to 12 female crew members, and can accommodate up to 14 more mission-specific personnel. Its cargo carrying capacity include 200 tonnes of marine diesel, 8 tonnes of aviation gasoline, 8 tonnes of automotive diesel, and 95 tonnes of fresh water.

Yudistira can also accommodate a helicopter weighing up to 10 tonnes on its flight deck, and two crane-deployed rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIBs) in the aft section.

Yudistira, seen here during its sea trials in early-2019. Source: PT Daya Radar Utama

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