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Compound Apache
« on: April 27, 2019, 03:28:37 PM »
Boeing Finished Six Wind Tunnel Tests on Compound Apache in January, Company Says
By Frank Wolfe | April 26, 2019   
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In January,  as planned, Boeing completed a series of six wind tunnel tests on a 30 percent scale model of an AH-64E Block II compound helicopter, which the company says could field by the end of 2028 to serve as a gap filler in prior to the U.S. Army Future Vertical Lift program coming online, the company said in written response to questions from Rotor & Wing International.

Unveiled last October at the Vertical Flight Society's Helicopter Military Operations Technology (HELMOT) conference in Hampton Roads, Virginia, the AH-64E Block II compound helicopter would feature a wing and a rear propulsor, increase aircraft speed to 185 knots, increase payload to 5,900 pounds hover out of ground effect (HOGE) on takeoff, and increase range to 460 nm.

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