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46301 - Type 818 cutter
« on: January 26, 2019, 10:48:11 AM »
China's Coast Guard Arms Up With a New Warship
Type 054A Frigate Becomes Type 818 Cutter

By Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer  June 1, 2016
"46301", the first of the CCG Type 818 cutter, brings a large and modern platform for China's maritime paramilitary activities, with a full range of aviation and long range capabilities.

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"46301" will bridge the gap between the CCG's enormous 12,000 ton Haijing 2901 and 3901 cutters, and a multitude of smaller ships under 2,000 tons. Using the Type 054A frigate hull, the "46301" and other Type 818 cutters will have facilities for carrying large numbers of CCG personnel and aircraft, and range, speed and endurance for long range maritime missions.

Already, the Chinese Coast Guard operates two of the largest Coast Guard ships in the world, a pair of 12,000 ton cutters that are even larger than US Navy Ticonderoga cruisers. Now, the Chinese Coast Guard is getting a cutter built off of an actual warship hull. "46301", undergoing fitting at its shipyard, is based off the prolific Type 054A frigate, a 4,000 ton warship of which the PLAN will have a total of 24 in service.

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