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BRP Tagbanua (AT-296)
« on: October 12, 2016, 04:59:27 PM »
How the largest Philippine-made navy ship, to date, was made

Landing Craft Utility acquisition project
Posted on  October 27, 2011 by adroth92

The Department of National Defense initiated the P189,934,000  Landing Craft Utility acquisition project on June 25, 2008 on behalf of the Philippine Navy. Because of the projectís monetary value, it fell under the responsibility of the DND Bids and Awards Committee (BAC).

A Landing Craft Utility (LCU) is a relatively small amphibious assault vessel that transports vehicles, personnel, and materiel direct-to-shore, without the need for port facilities. Prior to this project, Philippine Navy ships in this category consisted of ex-US Navy LCU Mk.6s which were remnants of the Second World War. Replacements were sorely needed.

The project produced the largest locally manufactured Philippine Navy ship to date. The previous record holder was the Marcos-era 44-meter Aguinaldo class patrol gunboat. The LCU, in comparison, is 51 meters ó 15 meters longer than existing LCUs.

In addition to its place in history, this project is also noteworthy for the numerous twists and turns it took in its three year run. For example, its first bid opening was deferred a total of 11 times, between August and December 2008. Despite this, the first bid attempt was declared a failure. This craft is held up on the forum as an illustration of the challenges facing SRDP as a whole, and naval shipbuilding in particular.

The Philippine Navy is expected to commission this LCU, tentatively named BRP Tagbanua, in November 2011.

The following table presents the latest official timeline for this project, as stated in the Department of National Defense Procurement Monitoring Report for July 2010. This PMR is currently available on the GPPB Website, and is open source information.

Date     Activity
October 14, 2005     AFP Capability Development Board approves replacement of LST upgrade project with Landing Craft Utility acquisition project.
June 25, 2008     Pre-procurement conference
July 9, 2008     Posting/publication of Invitation to Apply for Eligibility to Bid (ITEAB) on the Philippine Daily Inquirer, PhilGEPS, and DND Websites
July 17, 2008     Pre-bid conference
August to December 2008
     Bid submission and opening. There were a total of 11 schedule changes for the opening of bids.
January 22, 2009     Only one (1) bidder, Santiago Shipyard and Shipbuilding Corp, participated during the bid opening. The Tax Clearance Certificate submitted by the bidder was found to have expired, thus patently insufficient and not compliant with the bidding documentsDND BAC Resolution No. AFPMP-PN-LCU-09-001. DND BAC declared a failure of bidding for the said project and directed the conduct of re-bidding.
January 29, 2009     Rebidding. Posting/publication of ITEAB on the Philippine Daily Inquirer, PhilGEPS, and DND Websites
February 12, 2009     Pre-bid conference
May 7, 2009     Bid opening. Two (2) bidders participated during the bid opening:
Propmech Corporation
Santiago Shipyard and Shipbuilding Corp
DND BAC Resolution No. AFPMP-PN-LCU-09-002. DND BAC declared Propmech Corporation as the Lowest Calculated Bidder and Santiago Shipyard Shipbuilding Corporation as LCB2 for the said project and directed the conduct of Post Qualification.
June 4, 2009     DND BAC Resolution No. AFPMP-PN-LCU-09-003. DND BAC resolution amending Resolution No. AFPMP-PN-LCU-09-002 dated May 7, 2009 and declared Santiago Shipyard and Building Corporation as Lowest Calculated Bidder (LCB) and Propmech Corporation as LCB2 for the said project and directed the conduct of Post Qualification.
July 5-9, 2009     The PN TWG and DND TWG conducted the post qualification in Cebu City
October 8, 2009     The DND BAC declared Santiago Shipyard and Shipbuilding Corporation as Post Disqualified for the project
December 14, 16, and 17, 2009     The first phase of Post Qualification focused on visit to the main office of Propmech, the verification of the eligibility documents submitted during the bid opening of the legal and financial documents with the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), and Banco de Oro.
January 11 to 13, 2010     The second phase of the post qualification was in Cagayan de Oro City which focused on the Shipyard in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental and the warehouse and service center in Cebu City.
January 21, 2010     The third phase involved the visits and interviews of ISO-related entities and authorities
February 5, 2010     DND BAC Resolution No. AFPMP-PN-LCU-10-001. DND BAC declared Propmech Corporation as the Lowest Calculated Responsive Bidder (LCRB) and recommended SNDís approval for the issuance of Notice of Award (NOA) in its favor.
March 16, 2010     NOA was approved/signed by the Secretary of National Defense (SND)



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Re: BRP Tagbanua (AT-296)
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Re: BRP Tagbanua (AT-296)
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After delivery at PN HQ along Roxas Boulevard in November 2011

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Re: BRP Tagbanua (AT-296)
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Invitation to Bid (ITB)
Reference Number    5265903
Title    Lot 4: Drydocking and Other Related Repairs of LC296
Area of Delivery    Cavite

Solicitation Number:    MR-PNBAC-2018-03
Trade Agreement:    Implementing Rules and Regulations
Procurement Mode:    Public Bidding
Classification:    Goods - General Support Services
Category:    Marine Transport
Approved Budget for the Contract:    PHP 35,270,760.30
Delivery Period:    90 Day/s
Client Agency:    
Head, PNBAC Secretariat
Naval Station Jose Francisco
Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City
Metro Manila
   Status    Active
Associated Components    1
Bid Supplements    0
Document Request List    2
Date Published    05/04/2018
Last Updated / Time    05/04/2018 00:00 AM
Closing Date / Time    25/04/2018 09:00 AM


1. Bids received in excess of the ABC shall be automatically rejected during the Bid Opening. Interested Bidders may obtain further information from PN BAC in the given address below from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

2. Issuance of Bidding Documents: April 5 to 24, 2018 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday

3. The method of payment will be in the form of cash. The Bidding Documents shall be received personally by the prospective Bidder or his/her authorized representative.

4. All Bids must be accompanied by a bid security in the form as prescribed in the bidding documents for the project. Late bids shall not be accepted.

5. The Head of the Procuring Entity reserves the right to reject any and all bids, annul the bidding process, or not award the contract at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders.

Pre-bid Conference
Date    Time    Venue
12/04/2018    9:00:00 AM    Office of the PN Bids and Awards Committee
Naval Station Jose Francisco, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Cell Phone Nr: 0917-587-4882
Email Add:
Other Information
A complete set of Bidding Documents will be provided by PNBAC Secretariat to the interested Bidders upon payment of a non-refundable fee in the amount of TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (P25,000.00) only at CRB, CPMU, Philippine Navy Finance Center (PNFC), Naval Station Jose Francisco, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

Note: Proponents are highly encouraged to acquire the Bidding Documents at PNBAC Secretariat than to download at PhilGEPS website due to limited size of documents by PhilGEPS.

Date Created    04/04/2018