Author Topic: China concessions to US would be ‘grave error’ in any trade deal  (Read 1991 times)


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China concessions to US would be ‘grave error’ in any trade deal
South China Morning Post   
Teddy Ng
South China Morning Post
1 September 2019

Chinese state media and government advisers have said Beijing is in no rush for a trade deal, instead warning that any concessions made to the United States would be a grave error.

A commentary in the Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily on Monday said Beijing needed to stand up to the US and not give in to pressure.

“If China appears weak and gives concessions under hegemony, it will have committed a subversive historical error,” said the commentary, attributed to Renmin University international relations professor Jin Canrong and Sun Xihui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

“Facing extreme pressure and bullying behaviour, being weak and taking a step back will not get sympathy. We can only protect the core interest of the nation and the people by upholding rational and favourable struggle at the right pace.”

The commentary urged China to abandon a mindset which glorified and feared the US – described as leading to thinking it would be defeated because of the huge gap in strength between the two countries – and instead be determined to continue the struggle until victory was achieved.

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