Author Topic: China races to contain a second wave of coronavirus cases in Beijing  (Read 723 times)


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China races to contain a second wave of coronavirus cases in Beijing

JUNE 17, 2020 / 6:33 AM / CBS NEWS

The new coronavirus outbreak in Beijing grew to 106 cases Tuesday, with 29 communities in the sprawling Chinese capital back on lockdown. Health officials confirmed another 27 COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, a smaller increase than in previous days but still a worrying resurgence after Beijing enjoyed almost two months without a single new infection.

Yet again, a coronavirus outbreak in China is linked to a food market. The vast Xinfadi wholesale market is at the epicenter of the country's latest battle against COVID-19.

The size of more than 250 football fields, Xinfadi claims to be the biggest wholesale food market in Asia, supplying up to 80% of the meat and vegetables to the capital's 22 million people.

Authorities moved quickly, erecting barricades to isolate neighborhoods known to heave infected people while launching a massive testing campaign targeting all of the market's workers, recent visitors and anyone they came into contact with up to 200,000 people, on top of the 90,000 residents who live in the surrounding neighborhoods.

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