Author Topic: Israel's Saar 6 -- possible candidate for Philippine Navy Corvette Project -- H2  (Read 209 times)


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The cost of the construction is around 430 million euros of which 115 million euros is reportedly covered by the government of Germany. This is for the four vessels but the vessels only, without the cost of Israeli weapons and electronic equipment, which will be installed in Israel.

The Saar 6 class was developed from the German MEKO A100 base (and variations for the German Navy K130 corvettes). The Saar 6 vessels will not just be "Patrol Vessels" as initially reported but rather powerful Corvettes with a displacement in excess of 2,000 tons and a length of 90 meters.The width of the class is 13.5 meters and its draft is more than 4 meters. Their maximum speed is 26 knots thanks to their diesel power plant and dual-shaft arrangement. The crew complement is about 70 sailors.


Saar 6 class corvettes will be heavily armed for their size: They are set to be fitted with:
- 32x VLS cells for Barak 8 surface to air missile system by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
- 2x C-DOME naval point defense system launchers by Rafael (20x Tamir missiles in each launcher for a total of 40x per ship)
- 16x anti-ship missiles (Boeing Harpoon Block 2 or Israel's IAI Gabriel Mk 5)
- 1x 76mm Oto Melara Super Rapid main gun
- 2x Typhoon 25mm remote weapon stations by Rafael (likely able to launch Spike-ER missiles as well)
- 2x 324mm torpedo launchers for MK54 Lightweight Torpedo by Raytheon

The main sensor system aboard the Saar 6 will be the MF-STAR multifunction AESA radar by IAI. Saar 6 corvettes will have hangar space and platform able to accommodate a medium class (SH-60 type) helicopter.