Author Topic: The Philippine defense-social-media landscape  (Read 6338 times)


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The Philippine defense-social-media landscape
« on: April 26, 2017, 09:57:37 AM »
One upon a time, defense social media was simple. Kawal Pilipino started it all. Setup by a retired PN EP that wanted a place to talk about the service that he loved, and to promote defense. An extended haitus from the forum, however, resulted in a loss of momentum and people moved on.

Opus created his own, which eventually become Manokski, Jepot, and I eventually joined the moderation team in 2006 when Opus decided to abandon the forum to its fate. He eventually shutdown the forum sometime between September 9 and September 10, 2016

Prior to the formation of the Timawa mod team, discussions at Timawa had gotten so bad a group of moderators decided to take matters into their hands and created the Philippine Defense Forces Forum. This group continues to this day:
Other forum-based platforms eventually came about.

Today . . . we have a plethora of options. For this thread, lets look at various Philippine-themed, or at least Philippine-centric social media sites. Be it forum, group, blog, or what not.


Facebook groups

AFP Modernization Today+++:
AFP Modernization and Global Defense News+:
ASEAN Military Defense Review++:
Citizen Journalists Nationwide:
Concerned Philippines For AFP Modernization+:
Defense of the Republic of the Philippines+++:
FALLBACK POINT Defense Review:
Global Defense Forum+:
Hukbong Sandatahan ng Pilipinas:
Katipunan for AFP Modernization and Good Governance+++:
Modernize the Philippine Military Movement:
Philippine Army Scout Rangers+++:
Philippine Defense Discussions:
Philippines Defense Forces Forum++++++++++++:
Protectors of Philippine Sovreignty:
PPSG - Philippine PlaneSpotters Group:
RP Defense Forum: (Manny SD Lopez)

Facebook pages

1st Division Public Affairs Office - Dpao:
1st Special Forces Battalion, Philippine Army:
2nd Infantry Jungle Fighter Division:
3rd MD RR Battalion, Philippine Army: Mounted-Warriors-388764721316047/?hc_ref=SEARCH
6th Civil Relations Group, Palawan:
7th Civil Relations Group - Kawal Pinoy:
7th Infantry (Kaugnay) Division, Philippine Army:
7th Infantry (Kaugnay) Division, Philippine Army:
8th Marine Brigade Reserve, Philippine Marine Corps:
9th Infantry (Spear) Division, Philippine Army:
17th Infantry Battalion, 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army:
23rd Light Armored Cavalry Troop- The Sandigan Mounted Warriors:
46th Infantry "Peacemakers" Battalion:
81st Marine Battalion Res, 8th Marine Brigade Res, Philippine Marine Corps:
82nd Marine Battalion Res, 8th Marine Brigade Res, Philippine Marine Corps:
83rd Marine Battalion Res, 8th Marine Brigade Res, Philippine Marine Corps:
83rd Infantry "Achiever" Battalion:
101st Infantry Brigade:
247th Naval ROTC Unit, De La Salle University - Manila:
302nd Battalion Arescom,Philippine Army:
1002nd Bagwis Brigade:
Achiever Bicolandia:
AFP Today:
AFP Modernization Update:
AFP will RISE:
AFP Transformation Roadmap: - OFFICIAL
Armchair Generals of the Philippines:
Armed Forces of the Philippines: - OFFICIAL
Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization:
ASEAN Military Defense Review++:
BRP Andres Bonifacio FF17:
BRP Gregorio S Del Pilar FF-15:
BRP Gregorio Del Pilar, PF 15, Phil.Navy:
BRP Ramon Alcaraz PF16:
Create a Philippine Equivalent to DARPA:
Command Signal Battalion, Army Signal Regiment, Philippine Army:
DWDD Katropa Radio:
First Scout Ranger Company: Philippine-Army-857898594244822/?ref=py_c
FA-50 in the Philippines Air Force -
FA-50 Philippine Air Force:
Department of National Defense: - OFFICIAL
Government Arsenal, DND (Philippines): - OFFICIAL
Harold Cabunoc:
HERO Foundation, Inc.:
Hukbong Sandatahan Ng Pilipinas:
I Love AFP (Armed Forces Of The Philippines):
Kawal Pinoy:
Marine Battalion Landing Team-1:
MaxDefense Philippines:
Modernize the PN:
Northern Luzon Command, AFP:
Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process:
Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism: - OFFICIAL
Pinoy Aviators:
Philippine Air Force Modernization:
Philippine Air Force PIO: - OFFICIAL
Philippine Armed Forces images and videos++++++++++++++:
Philippine Army 2028: - OFFICIAL
Philippine Army Dragon Boat Team:
Philippine Army Spearhead Troopers:
Philippine Coast Guard: - OFFICIAL
Philippine Defense Bulletin / RHK111: - SALT SHAKER
Philippine Defense Modernization Contracts:
Philippine Defense Today:
The Philippine Fleet:
Philippine Marines 943rd Company:
Philippine Marine Corps:
Philippine Marine Corps Force Recon Battalion:
Philippine Marine Recruiting:
Philippine Military Academy:
Philippine Military Weapons & ETC:
Philippine Navy: - OFFICIAL
Philippine Navy Sail Plan 2020: - OFFICIAL
Philippine Navy Recruitment:
Protectors of Philippine Sovereignty:
Retire the BRP Humabon Movement:
SecondCrg Timog Luzon:
Salute to the Fallen:
TOG 11, Philippine Air Force, Davao City:
United Defense of the Philippines:
We Support AFP:
Western Command Armed Forces of the Philippines:
The Warriors Life:


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Re: The Philippine defense-social-media landscape
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2018, 04:43:12 AM »
This list getting long


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Re: The Philippine defense-social-media landscape
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2018, 04:36:11 PM »
and getting longer...

there is even a "NEW DEFENSE OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES" - who described themselves "a new group comprising of the old and new members of defense of the republic of the philippines, as the old group lost its effectiveness in doing the much needed discussion in Philippines' Defense".. their members - 128  ;D