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Pindad SS1 Assault Rifle

--- Quote ---While an Indonesian Army service rifle, the SS1 is based on the Fabrique-Nationale FN FNC series and produced under a local license.
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Pindad SS2 Assault Rifle

The Pindad SS2 series assault rifle is a modernized version of the original SS1 model, itself based on the Belgian FN FNC family.

From: Military Today

--- Quote ---The Senapan Serbu 2 or SS2 is a first Indonesian-designed assault rifle. It was developed to replace the previous SS1. The new assault rifle and has a number of improvements. Tests of the new weapon have been conducted during 2003-2005. Production of the SS2 commenced in 2005. Deliveries to the Indonesian armed forces commenced in 2006 where it replaces the older Pindad SS1. Over 25 000 SS2 assault rifles were produced for Indonesian armed forces. This weapon is being proposed for possible export customers. Some sources report that it has been exported to Cambodia, Malaysia, Mali, Myanmar, Oman, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and possibly some other countries.

   The Pindad SS2 is based on the previous SS1, which in turn is a license produced version of the Belgian FN FNC. It has a number of improvements, including an integral scope rail. The new weapon has a rounded ribbed foregrip with heat ventilation holes. It improves barrel cooling during sustained fire. The Pindad SS2 is slightly lighter than its predecessor. Also it has a longer barrel and is slightly more accurate. The weapon has some features of the US M16 assault rifle. Barrels for this rifle were originally produced in Germany. However later due to arms embargo Pindad switched to South Korean made barrels.
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The Pindad SS2 is Indonesia's first locally made assault rifle

PT Pindad of Indonesia confirms order of weapons for Indonesian police | Army Recognition - 26 September 2017

--- Quote ---The Indonesian Defense Company PT Pindad has confirmed that the Indonesian Intelligence Agency (BIN) has ordered 517 weapons, that could be the assault rifle SS2, a replacement for the Pindad SS1 also manufactured by PT Pindad.

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The SS2 family of rifles is manufactured in Indonesia by PT Pindad and is based on SS1 (FN FNC) rifle, made by the same factory under license from Belgian company FN Herstal. SS2 rifles are in use by Indonesian army since 2005, and also are offered for export. Initially available in three basic versions (standard rifle SS2-V1, carbine SS2-V2 and para-sniper SS2-V4) it is now also available in sub-compact SS2-V5 version, first shown in 2008.

PT Pindad (Persero) since its establishment in 1983 has been producing various kinds of weapons ranging from rifles, handguns, pistols and other weapons.
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PT Pindad assault rifle SS2-V5


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