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Indonesian Army Mi-35 'Hind' attack helicopters



Indonesia’s Mil Mi-35 (photo : Kaksus Militer) via

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Russia agrees to overhaul Indonesian Army Mi-35 attack helicopters | IHS Jane's 360 - 06 December 2016

--- Quote ---The state-owned Russian group said on 5 December that it would overhaul the TNI-AD's eight Mi-35 helicopters at its Aircraft Repair Plant Number 150 in Svetly, Kaliningrad Region.

Russian Helicopters said that the contract to overhaul the Mi-35s was signed in September 2016 and is part of the two countries' wider military-technical co-operation programme.
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Indonesia receives overhauled Mi-35P combat helicopters | Air Recognition - 31 August 2017

--- Quote ---Specialists from Indonesia visited 150 Aircraft Repair Plant (150 ARP) of Russian Helicopters (part of Rostec State Corporation) for acceptance of two Mi-35P helicopters. A contract for major repairs of the machines was signed in September 2016.

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The first Mi-35P attack helicopters were supplied to Indonesia in September 2003. In accordance with an intergovernmental agreement, in September 2007 Indonesia ordered another three Mi-35P helicopters which were supplied in September 2010. An official ceremony to mark the handover of the helicopters to the Indonesian Army was held on October 20, 2010, at Pondok Cabe Airport (the civilian and military airport in Jakarta).

The Mi-35P is the export version of the Mi-24P, a gunship version on which the 12.7mm machine-gun is replaced with a fixed side-mounted 30mm GSh-30K twin-barrel cannon.
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An Indonesian Army Mi-35P helicopter (Credit: Russian Helicopters)


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