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Indonesian Super Tucano


Indonesia To Have 16 Super Tucanos By End Of 2013 | aviationweek - Aug 6, 2012

--- Quote ---Embraer already has delivered Super Tucanos to the Brazilian air force and other customers, but the Indonesian air force is the first customer for the type in the Asia-Pacific region.
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Delayed delivery of Brazilian aircraft irks RI | The Jakarta Post - April 29, 2014

--- Quote ---The ministry signed a US$284 million contract with Embraer in 2010 to build a squadron of Super Tucanos to replace the OV-10 Bronco aircraft, which have been in service since 1976.

The Tucano is designed for light attack, counter insurgency, close air support, aerial reconnaissance missions in low threat environments, as well as providing pilot training.

Under the contract, Embraer has been required to pay a penalty of 0.1 percent on a daily basis since the delay, but the combined penalty is capped at a maximum of 5 percent.

Embraer, according to Asep, has paid the maximum penalty of around $7 million and cannot be issued with more fines, regardless of the length of the delay.
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Embraer delivers planes to Indonesia |

--- Quote ---Brazil's top planemaker Embraer said it delivered four light attack A-29 Super Tucano aircraft to the Indonesian Air Force at a ceremony held Monday at its facility located some 270 kilometers (165 miles) from here.

The planes are part of eight such planes ordered by the Indonesians in 2010 to replace a fleet of OV-10 Broncos.

Embraer said that the Indonesian Air Force has since ordered a second batch of eight Super Tucanos as part of their equipment modernization drive.

The Super Tucano can be used for a broad range of missions including light attack, surveillance, air-to-air interception and counter-insurgency.
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A-29 Super Tucano - Indonesia's Air Force Commercial

TNI - AU EMB-314 Super Tucano 1st Flight

Indonesian Air Force plane crashes in residential East Java | SMH - February 11 2016

--- Quote ---Jakarta: Four people have been killed after an Indonesian Air Force plane crashed into a house in Malang in East Java on Wednesday morning.

The pilot of the Embraer Super Tucano ejected himself from the plane before it crashed. He was found in a nearby rice paddy field but later died.

A woman and a man inside the house were also killed in the accident, Major Hamdi Londong Alu, a spokesman for Abdurrahman Saleh military airbase in Malang, told Fairfax Media.

The second crew member of the plane, a mechanic, also died.
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One of four light attack and tactical training A-29 Super Tucano aircraft delivered to Indonesia’s Air Force in 2012. Photo: Embraer


A-29 has Asia-Pacific appeal, says Embraer | ainonline - February 17, 2016

--- Quote ---Since late 2012, Embraer has supplied 12 Super Tucanos to the Indonesian air force; it expected to deliver four more airplanes to complete the order by the end of February. Fitted with two wing-mounted .50 caliber machine guns and five hard points capable of carrying 1,500 kg (3,306 pounds) of rockets, bombs or missiles, the A-29 holds appeal for other militaries in the region, said Molina, who hinted at other sales campaigns now underway.
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