Author Topic: Decommissioning watch: USCGC WHECs (Hamilton-Class)  (Read 215 times)


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Decommissioning watch: USCGC WHECs (Hamilton-Class)
« on: May 26, 2017, 12:37:56 AM »
WHEC disposal schedule from OFFICE OF SHIP DISPOSAL PROGRAMS (Dec 2016 Report). {pg14 of pdf}

From the US Homeland Security “FY2018 Budget in Brief”, which the US Coast Guard is part of; Page 56 of the PDF has this :
FY 2018 Major Decreases:
• Decommissioning of Legacy Assets............................................ ($14.1M) (129 FTE)
Decommissions one 378-foot high endurance cutter, three 110-foot patrol boats, and
one HC-130H aircraft in line with the Coast Guard decommissioning plan; and
Thanks to Cmdr Chuck Hill's blog for this lead.
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