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Chinese-made anti-aircraft cannon malfunctioned


4 Indonesian soldiers killed in South China Sea exercise | philstar - May 18, 2017

--- Quote ---Army spokesman Alfret Denny Tuejeh said eight other soldiers were wounded in the accident Wednesday in the Tanjung Datuk region of Riau Islands province.

He said the malfunction of the twin-barreled gun caused it to fire in unexpected directions and hit the soldiers, who are members of the Quick Response Team of the Army's Air Defense Artillery Unit. Four of the wounded are in serious condition.

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Indonesia has boosted its military presence in the Natuna islands, which are in the southernmost reaches of the South China Sea, in response to Beijing's assertive posture in the region.
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The Jakarta Post

--- Quote ---A Chinese-made cannon malfunctioned and fired off shots randomly during military exercises in Tanjung Datuk, Natuna, Riau Islands province, on Wednesday. Four soldiers were killed and eight were wounded.

During the exercises, held by an Indonesian Army quick response team (PPRC TNI AD) at the Air Defense Artillery 1/K compound, soldiers were undergoing target practice with the Giant Bow cannon.

The exercises were reportedly part of preparations ahead of a May 19 event during which a military parade will be conducted in front of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.
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