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The Philippine defense-social-media landscape
« on: April 25, 2017, 06:57:37 PM »
One upon a time, defense social media was simple. Kawal Pilipino started it all. Setup by a retired PN EP that wanted a place to talk about the service that he loved, and to promote defense. An extended haitus from the forum, however, resulted in a loss of momentum and people moved on.

Opus created his own, which eventually become Manokski, Jepot, and I eventually joined the moderation team in 2006 when Opus decided to abandon the forum to its fate. He eventually shutdown the forum sometime between September 9 and September 10, 2016

Prior to the formation of the Timawa mod forum, discussions at Timawa had gotten so bad a group of moderators decided to take matters into their hands and created the Philippine Defense Forces Forum. This group continues to this day:
Other forum-based platforms eventually came about.

Today . . . we have a plethora of options. For this thread, lets look at various Philippine-themed, or at least Philippine-centric social media sites. Be it forum, group, blog, or what not.


Facebook groups

AFP Modernization Today+++:
AFP Modernization and Global Defense News+:
ASEAN Military Defense Review++:
Citizen Journalists Nationwide:
Concerned Philippines For AFP Modernization+:
Defense of the Republic of the Philippines+++:
FALLBACK POINT Defense Review:
Global Defense Forum+:
Hukbong Sandatahan ng Pilipinas:
Katipunan for AFP Modernization and Good Governance+++:
Modernize the Philippine Military Movement:
Philippine Army Scout Rangers+++:
Philippine Defense Discussions:
Philippines Defense Forces Forum++++++++++++:
Protectors of Philippine Sovreignty:
PPSG - Philippine PlaneSpotters Group:

Facebook pages

1st Division Public Affairs Office - Dpao:
1st Special Forces Battalion, Philippine Army:
2nd Infantry Jungle Fighter Division:
3rd MD RR Battalion, Philippine Army: Mounted-Warriors-388764721316047/?hc_ref=SEARCH
6th Civil Relations Group, Palawan:
7th Civil Relations Group - Kawal Pinoy:
7th Infantry (Kaugnay) Division, Philippine Army:
7th Infantry (Kaugnay) Division, Philippine Army:
8th Marine Brigade Reserve, Philippine Marine Corps:
9th Infantry (Spear) Division, Philippine Army:
17th Infantry Battalion, 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army:
23rd Light Armored Cavalry Troop- The Sandigan Mounted Warriors:
46th Infantry "Peacemakers" Battalion:
81st Marine Battalion Res, 8th Marine Brigade Res, Philippine Marine Corps:
82nd Marine Battalion Res, 8th Marine Brigade Res, Philippine Marine Corps:
83rd Marine Battalion Res, 8th Marine Brigade Res, Philippine Marine Corps:
83rd Infantry "Achiever" Battalion:
101st Infantry Brigade:
247th Naval ROTC Unit, De La Salle University - Manila:
302nd Battalion Arescom,Philippine Army:
1002nd Bagwis Brigade:
Achiever Bicolandia:
AFP Today:
AFP Modernization Update:
AFP will RISE:
AFP Transformation Roadmap: - OFFICIAL
Armchair Generals of the Philippines:
Armed Forces of the Philippines: - OFFICIAL
Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization:
ASEAN Military Defense Review++:
BRP Andres Bonifacio FF17:
BRP Gregorio S Del Pilar FF-15:
BRP Gregorio Del Pilar, PF 15, Phil.Navy:
BRP Ramon Alcaraz PF16:
Create a Philippine Equivalent to DARPA:
Command Signal Battalion, Army Signal Regiment, Philippine Army:
DWDD Katropa Radio:
First Scout Ranger Company: Philippine-Army-857898594244822/?ref=py_c
FA-50 in the Philippines Air Force -
FA-50 Philippine Air Force:
Department of National Defense: - OFFICIAL
Government Arsenal, DND (Philippines): - OFFICIAL
Harold Cabunoc:
HERO Foundation, Inc.:
Hukbong Sandatahan Ng Pilipinas:
I Love AFP (Armed Forces Of The Philippines):
Kawal Pinoy:
Marine Battalion Landing Team-1:
MaxDefense Philippines:
Modernize the PN:
Northern Luzon Command, AFP:
Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process:
Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism: - OFFICIAL
Pinoy Aviators:
Philippine Air Force Modernization:
Philippine Air Force PIO: - OFFICIAL
Philippine Armed Forces images and videos++++++++++++++:
Philippine Army 2028: - OFFICIAL
Philippine Army Dragon Boat Team:
Philippine Army Spearhead Troopers:
Philippine Coast Guard: - OFFICIAL
Philippine Defense Bulletin / RHK111: - SALT SHAKER
Philippine Defense Modernization Contracts:
Philippine Defense Today:
The Philippine Fleet:
Philippine Marines 943rd Company:
Philippine Marine Corps:
Philippine Marine Corps Force Recon Battalion:
Philippine Marine Recruiting:
Philippine Military Academy:
Philippine Military Weapons & ETC:
Philippine Navy: - OFFICIAL
Philippine Navy Sail Plan 2020: - OFFICIAL
Philippine Navy Recruitment:
Protectors of Philippine Sovereignty:
Retire the BRP Humabon Movement:
SecondCrg Timog Luzon:
Salute to the Fallen:
TOG 11, Philippine Air Force, Davao City:
United Defense of the Philippines:
We Support AFP:
Western Command Armed Forces of the Philippines:
The Warriors Life:


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Re: The Philippine defense-social-media landscape
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This list getting long