Author Topic: Philippine Army to recruit 13k soldiers for 2017  (Read 472 times)


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Philippine Army to recruit 13k soldiers for 2017
« on: March 02, 2017, 12:27:51 AM » : Army to recruit 13k soldiers for 2017

The Philippine Army will recruit a total of 13,910 new troops for 2017 to fill–up various Army units throughout the country.

The distribution of said recruitment is as follows:
  • 349 officers (2nd Lieutenant);
  • 8,892 soldiers for the special quota as approved by the President; 
  • 1,069 soldiers for the newly organized 54th Engineer Brigade; and the
  • 3,600 soldiers representing the annual quota replacement in the Army.

Most number of new recruits will fill-up the Army infantry, cavalry, and artillery units. There are also recruits who will fill-up the engineer, communication, logistics, and other administrative functions of the Army.

Out of the total number of recruits, 10 percent is allocated for female recruits while five percent from the indigenous peoples.

Once recruited and becomes a trainee, the candidate soldier will receive a gross income of P16,852.00. If enlisted, the new Private will receive a starting gross income of P23,204.00 plus a number of allowances and benefits.


from CRS,AFP FB page :
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