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Indonesian shore-based naval gun
« on: February 13, 2020, 12:21:07 AM »
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Indonesia commissions shore-based 76 mm naval gun
30 December 2019

The gun, which was salvaged from the retired Ahmad Yani-class frigate, Slamet Riyadi , was handed over by Indonesia's state-owned electronic company, PT Len, to the TNI-AL's Doctrine, Education, and Training Development Command (KODIKLATAL) on 6 December.

The gun was commissioned on the same day, a source close to the matter has confirmed with Jane's . It will be operated by KODIKLATAL, and the TNI-AL's maritime operations training command. Slamet Riyadi was decommissioned in August 2019 after 33 years of service with the TNI-AL.

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The 76 mm gun is the first of several weapon types that the TNI-AL plans to operate as training and instruction aids at its Paiton weapons range. The water-cooled weapon has been incorporated with its revolving magazine and feeder assemblies, and a bridge, and combat information centre simulators.

A screenshot from a video provided to Jane’s, showing the Indonesian Navy’s shore-based 76 mm naval gun at Paiton, East Java, during its test-firing in November 2019. Source withheld.