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AFP Organization, Services, and Units / Re: 89th Infantry Battalion
« on: September 28, 2017, 07:14:52 AM »
^ @RJ -- according to that fb page --

The Philippine Army has directed the activation and operationalization of ten additional infantry battalions where the 10th Infantry Division was among the priority to be given an additional battalion ahead of the other Army major units being part of the National Priority Areas in terms of the insurgency problem in the parts of South Eastern Mindanao.

In his message, Major General Noel S Clement, the 10ID commander said that the Philippine Army has issued a Letter Directive last September 5, 2017 for the operationalization of new light infantry battalions tasked to assist on the counter-insurgency of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), anti-illegal drugs and anti-Private Armed Groups operations of other agencies.

89th 'Makatao' Infantry Battalion -- activated per GO#818
Pursuant to General Orders #818 dated 15 September 2017 grants the activation as a provisionary battalion of the 89IB, it further assigns the said battalion to the 10th Infantry Division.

....  the activation of the 89th Infantry (Makatao) Battalion, the opening ceremony of the Organizational Training of the 89IB, and the send-off ceremony of Privates to their respective units, in a single setting at the Sgt Demerin Grandstand, Camp General Manuel T Yan Sr., Brgy Tuboran, Mawab, Compostela Valley Province on Monday, September 25.

... the opening of the Organizational Training of the 89IB prior to its deployment in its designated area of operation which will be conducted by the 10th Division Training School (10DTS).

...  “The command has its full trust and confidence on choosing the leadership of LTC Luciano Caiman Jr., as the pioneer commander of 89IB,” (Major General Noel S Clement, the 10ID commander) added. “We assure the 89IB of our full support on its operational and administrative needs of the unit for the accomplishment of its assigned tasks.” he furthered.

Clement then graced the opening of the Organizational Training of the 89IB prior to its deployment in its designated area of operation which will be conducted by the 10th Division Training School (10DTS).
Furthermore, the 89IB will be composed of officers and enlisted personnel who came from the line battalions under 10ID, thus, the assignment of the new Privates will fill-up the personnel of the battalions.


How new or old is this picture?  Lookis like PG116 lost its Forward 40mm gun and received the twin turret 20mm from the older Sea Killers.

This photo is on my hard disk archive and has a date tag of "05/20/2011".

From Naval Force Northern Luzon's FB Post :

The Naval Forces Northern Luzon conducted the third series of Naval Patrol Cruise covering sea waters off La Union to Babuyan Island Group from August 31 to September 3, 2017.

Said cruise was a sovereignty and maritime patrol aimed in preventing intrusions and illegal maritime activities in the sea waters of Northern Luzon.

The mission was undertaken by BRP Miguel Malvar (PS19) skippered by Cmdr. Welmer C. Base PN under the operational control of Naval Task Force 11 led by Cmdr. Archibald Dino C. Delfin PN(GSC).

Part of the patrol cruise is the civil military activities from the sea composed of medical, dental, feeding, gift giving, information drive, and other similar activities for the benefit of the local populace of Camiguin Island in Calayan.

Previous patrol cruise missions were undertaken by BRP Ramon Alcaraz (FF16) and BRP Sulatan Kudarat (PS22) last March and April, respectively.

Revenge of the Carl Gustav!  US Army has re-committed itself to the breech-loading man-portable anti-armor weapon. 

US Army Approves Plan for Improved 84mm Recoilless Rifle

September 6, 2017

The U.S. Army has approved a requirement for 1,111 M3E1 Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon Systems.

The M3E1 is the latest version of the 84mm Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle that special operations forces have been using since the early 1990s. It’s lighter, shorter and more ergonomically designed.


Army light infantry units began using the M3 in Afghanistan in 2011 when the AT4 proved ineffective. The breech-loading weapon, made by Saab North America, can reach out and hit enemy targets up to 1,000 meters away. The M3 offers the units various types of ammunition, ranging from armor penetration and anti-personnel, to ammunition for built-up areas, as well as special features like smoke and illumination.

“The current system that the Army uses is the AT4, which only allows soldiers to fire one shot, and then they have to throw the system away. With the M3E1, soldiers can use different types of ammunition which gives them an increased capability on the battlefield,” said Randy Everett, Foreign Comparative Testing, or FCT, project manager.


The M3E1 launcher weighs approximately 22 pounds, with each round of ammunition weighing just under 10 pounds. By comparison, the AT4 weighs about 15 pounds and the Javelin’s launcher with missile and reusable command launch unit weigh roughly 50 pounds.

Despite its effectiveness, soldiers asked if the M3 could be lighter and less bulky. By using titanium, the updated M3E1 is more than six pounds lighter. The M3E1 is also 2.5 inches shorter and has an improved carrying handle, extra shoulder padding and an improved sighting system that can be adjusted for better comfort without sacrificing performance.

Good to see this finally moving towards conclusion.  After all the ambivalence and urong-sulong, there is now a solid timeline on the delivery -- Q1 2018 that is.

Either its a typo or a true spec upgrade -- but anyone would notice that it's posted as '84-meter' rather than the previous 82-meter OPV.

The project involves the supply, delivery and maintenance of four brand new 24 meter fast patrol boats (FPB) and one 84 meter offshore patrol vessels (OPV) to be purchased by the DOTr for the use of the Coast Guard.

ETA --
However -- from this previous article of the Ocea OPV270 MkII, the '270' is not really as literal feet-to-meter conversion.  But rather, it really has this specs :
as translated by Google

... the OPV 270 is 83.6 meters long and 15.4 meters wide. Trimmed for long-range offshore missions, with a range of 45 days, it can cross 8000 miles at 15 knots. The maximum speed varies from 20 to 25 knots depending on the propulsion.

Scuttlebutt says the Thales CMS has been ditched, along with other PN requirements for the frigates. The PN is now stark-raving mad, while the Koreans and DND have both agreed to the downgrades, notable of which is the Tacticos removed for the LigNex1 CMS, and the downgrade of the NS-106 to a less capable NS-100.

There is also very real possibility of other Thales products being replaced with Korean kimchi.

As much as PN tries 'to protest' -- HHI is already backed with the signed contract (with DND*) to deliver the minimum specifications on the written document.  There are some rumored twists to this, but those are only in murmurs and low voices not above breathing noise.  HHI is under the nose of it's financial backers to churn out profit wherever it can.  This is all business transaction to them, shrewd or otherwise.

One basic problem in retrospect -- is of not being allowed by the procurement law to specifically use actual brands or brand-baselines on bid specifications.  We have had discussion that DSOM had already took care of this before the PNoy, but reversion took place -- and thus this is the one sum of that undoing. 

Not so rosy picture for the company's current situation... a turn-around is needed to prop up the stock valuation and investors' confidence.

KAI approaches demise as various scandals continue to weigh it down

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) is the only Korean company that specializes in developing space programs and aircraft such as satellites, but its very existence is threatened as it has recently become involved in numerous scandals, from embezzlement and fraud to product malfunctions.

As a result, overseas orders are being canceled and the company is struggling to find investors. Even worse, the top CEO position, which should be managing the crisis, has been vacant for more than a month.

“There have been movements where investors have asked to return their investment as quickly as possible or said they will no longer offer loans,” said a high-ranking official at the company. “There are already talks surfacing among employees on whether the company could be faced with bankruptcy.”

The official said because the company is not a conglomerate with subsidiaries that could provide needed capital, it is having trouble securing the necessary funding. Prosecutors raided the company’s headquarters in South Gyeongsang province and its office in Seoul last month, as the company was suspected of inflating the cost of the Surion, a utility helicopter, for illicit gains.

A week after the raid, the company’s CEO Ha Sung-yong resigned. Since then, the seat has remained vacant.

The company is also accused of manipulating its accounts, which surfaced during the investigation by the Financial Supervisory Service. The Korean credit rating company NICE Investors Service said it has listed KAI for a possible downgrade. As of Aug. 21, the balance on the company’s corporate bond is 600 billion won ($533 million) and commercial paper is 350 billion won.

...  <more on the link>

In order to normalize KAI’s management, some experts suggest first naming a new CEO. But it is likely to take time before a new CEO is named, as the company’s largest stakeholder, the Export-Import Bank of Korea with a 26.4 percent stake, is under evaluation by the Financial Supervisory Service.

Malaysia / Re: RMN Gowind frigate LCS
« on: August 25, 2017, 08:07:31 AM »
KD Maharaja Lela, first of class of the Royal Malaysian Navy's  Littoral Combat Ship was launched this morning (24 Aug) at the Boustead Naval Shipyard in Lumut. Ship is based on the Naval Group (ex-DCNS) Gowind corvette.

LCS will further boost RMN's ability to protect Malaysia's sovereignty: Hishammuddin
Malaysia’s first home built LCS has been named KD Maharaja Lela, in honour of the late Perak Chieftain and British resistance leader, Datuk Maharaja Lela.

The first of its kind ship under the Maharaja Lela Class was constructed at the Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd (BN Shipyard), a subsidiary of Boustead Holdings Berhad and an associate company of Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation Bhd (BHIC).

The LCS took one and half years to complete at the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) base here, after it’s keel was laid down in March of last year.

photos from Defense-Aerospace new feed.

A block-build and assured-MYOA contact is needed for our local shipbuilders to be convinced.  Gov't can 'initiate' their modernization and expansion with these assured contracts and provisions for local builds.  Gov't can also specify a combined or joint venture; but upgrading of two sites would be rather expensive, compared to a single but efficiently managed yard.  Another angle to explore is construction modularity, where sub-components may be welded somewhere and barged into the main yard for final assembly. 

Also sustainability should be looked into, as these skills are perishable with contracts and starting up is relatively expensive.  This is what most of the FB comments doesn't understand, equating these higly-skilled as semi-skilled like those in simple house construction. A start-stop shipbuilding is not really a good impetus for a considerable upgrade for shipyards.

AFP Organization, Services, and Units / Re: BRP Suluan (MRRV-4406)
« on: August 12, 2017, 08:06:42 AM »
Good to see that PCG homeport is getting crowded.  More appreciation would be seen if they crowd our EEZ with deployed vessels.

photo credit to Ed Sy @ flickr.

General Discussion / Re: Mindanao under Martial Law
« on: July 26, 2017, 09:04:00 AM »
Carnapping has almost disappeared because of the numerous checkpoints. Checkpoints is strict and requires all PUV/PUB passengers to get down, especially when going into large cities.  Curfew is strictly implemented on some areas, although there are still hard-headed violators and some abusive transients and residents.  Curfew is dependent on local ordinances, but is implemented by the PNP. 

More relatively recent photos of BRP Mangyan shows that her old boom crane had been upgraded. 

photo credits to the owner of the photos.

Defense Legislation / Re: PH 2018 Budget
« on: July 25, 2017, 05:48:45 AM »
Here is the full 2018 DND proposed budget :

In comparison here is 2017 DND approved budget :

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