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It seems there is a feeling of deep mistrust in our own government, to the point people think loss of aid would be a big blow... It really isn't.

The aid being channeled to us is used for very specific, donor nation-backed programs or in kind equipment donations, such as this:

with a specific breakdown in 2012 for example:

The U.S. Government gave a total of $197,036,510 to Philippines in 2012:

The aid was broken down in the following manner:
Child Survival and Health: $-420
Department of Defense Security Assistance: $75,490
Development Assistance: $79,721,515
Economic Support Fund/Security Support Assistance: $456,217
Global Health and Child Survival: $34,153,032
Millennium Challenge Corporation: $4,439,091
Narcotics Control: $4,286,840
Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining and Related: $9,549,582
Other Active Grant Programs: $6,403,834
Other Food Aid Programs: $11,824,000
Other State Assistance: $2,746,441
Other USAID Assistance: $8,619,065
Peace Corps: $3,388,723

Military Assistance, Total: $31,373,100

Nothing is used for day to day operations nor for our country's upkeep... We can afford that ourselves.

So the question is... What is with the knee-jerk reaction?

That... Just makes no sense to me. Their economy is being propelled by loans and IMF makes them a reserve currency? Weird.

The ole' Bugle goes to pasture. I wonder why the 416 kicked the SCAR?

PDuterte has apparently confirmed this old shoulder tap:

"A ride against the two F-50s natin, if bigyan tayo pabilhan tayo ng mga missile. But the problem is, ayaw nila tayong bigyan. Kinuha natin ‘yan sa Korea. Correct, but that is American technology and you cannot but it without the consent of America."

Perhaps it's a good time to revisit this old article from GMA News on the claims of the HERMA Group from Bataan:

Their proposal to start with building patrol vessels for the Coast Guard and Navy sound like a reasonable starting point. Perhaps something PDuterte and his advisers can look into with his drive for non-reliance on the US' EDA program.

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