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Models and Hobbies / Re: My Philippine Fleet
« on: May 21, 2020, 02:25:26 AM »
tried to clone the hamilton hull:

dropped it forecastle first, clumsy me, oh well, make another one

Models and Hobbies / Re: My Philippine Fleet
« on: May 06, 2020, 08:13:29 PM »
finally got the a Hamilton kit:
it's a 1/700 JAG kit

comparison with the paper diy 1/700 hamilton class i was doing

with the paper built LD-601 (also a work in progress)

Models and Hobbies / Re: My Philippine Fleet
« on: April 07, 2020, 09:11:09 PM »
been a while,
forced to stay home with nothing much to do:

LD-601, added a few pipes and tubes

AC-3, PF-7, PS-19 and AW-34 with bits of progress

Models and Hobbies / Re: Any one into Ham Radio?
« on: September 10, 2019, 02:01:47 AM »
as soon as your able to pin point where to point your antenna up, given you have the "right" antenna, and able to transmit on the operating frequency, then you are good to go. These are Geostationary satellites so they tend to stay on one spot in the sky. they are practically repeaters in the sky with no authentication needed to trigger re-transmission of your signal.
these satellites are supposed to only last for 12 years
I guess the U.S. Navy don't want to spend money taking them down after the replacement satellites (Ultra High Frequency Follow-On) are up and running.
most likely these satellites are in the Western Hemisphere hence the Brazilians were able to hack the signal

since your into SDR
try this:
i would if i have time

Models and Hobbies / Re: Any one into Ham Radio?
« on: September 07, 2019, 09:35:22 AM »
QRP has itís challenges, iíd love to go and try qrp when i would go hiking outdoors, thinking of setting up the 706mk2G for that, would only stick to 20m band coz most likely the hiking would be done daytime, if there would be camping and staying out, then i will include a 40m antenna. thingking of going solar like you  ;D but bring a small lead battery for backup. its almost autumn here and would like to take advantage of the weather before winter comes.

btw, how does the R-72 performs, iím thinking of getting the R-70, there are some cheap R-70s i see in Ebay.

1-3db loss is not that bad, will definitely think about that setup.

also, i want to ask, if ever i go to the Philippines and want to go on air. What do i need to have to go on air? Can i use my call sign here (iím at ITU region 2) in the Philippines (which is under ITU region 3) or would i be needing some sort of permit, or take the NTC exam to have a separate Philippine Call sign to use while on air in the Philippines?

Models and Hobbies / Re: Any one into Ham Radio?
« on: August 28, 2019, 09:12:16 AM »
thats not a bad idea, at first i thought there were only switches for multiple antennas to one radio, turns out thereís one for the opposite, multiple radios to one antenna. but will the power loss be negligible enough to give justice to the space saving achieved? money saving is a plus for sure when it comes to coax. so i can get the best coax and get just one coax line for all of it.

Models and Hobbies / Re: Any one into Ham Radio?
« on: August 27, 2019, 10:31:35 AM »
they look alike but they are actually different models, from top to bottom, IC-28H (144Mhz), IC-48A (440Mhz), IC-38A (220Mhz), IC-1200 (1200Mhz). different frequency bands each

Models and Hobbies / Re: Any one into Ham Radio?
« on: August 24, 2019, 02:43:49 AM »
my shack:

i live in a studio in an apartment building,
my space is very limited, so my radio shack is not solely for Ham Radio purposes.
it's an all around work desk.
the Philippine Fleet on top, i haven't made any progress on those  ;D
the power supply i have is dual purposed to supplying power to the Ham stuff and Audio equipment (car audio stuff actually). i have my Bass amp head (the red one, for the bass guitar squeezed on the cabinet as well)
the notebook is generally used for Ham Radio deluxe, and other HAM related software. it runs on windows XP hehehe

Models and Hobbies / Re: Any one into Ham Radio?
« on: August 24, 2019, 02:33:58 AM »
ah, it's not phraseology when it comes to HAM Radio or mostly radio communication on that matter, "Radiotelephony procedures" is the more appropriate term
anyways, just like what Talibong said, speak like as if your speaking to the person face to face,
nothing really special about it, the most hurdle about it (i think) is knowing the Q-codes, barely used anymore but still used by some to maximize transmission time and clarity when it comes to traffic handling.
here in my area, we need to say our call sign every 10 minutes in the conversation, whenever we end conversation/sign off or QSY

@ tailbong
definitely will try 6meters, sunspot are opening, and the "magic band" is becoming alive again
given the location where i live in (a studio in an apartment building) i have very limited options on my antennas, putting my antenna farm by the fire escape is already pushing it. that's why all of my antennas are somewhat "compromised" already, i use an antenna analyzer to bring the antenna as close as possible to the target frequency and use the manual tuner to bring it more down to the 1:2 ratio at least, but that's HF, VHF and UHF antennas are easier to tune to freq.

@ salbahis
nice one on the ISS
theres this app on iPhone (I'm sure there's also for android), it's called "Satsat" the avatar is red satellite with white "SAT" letters on a blue background. it kinda gives Amateur Radio Satellites that are passing by near your location, that includes the ISS. in case you wanna do some satellite signal hunting.
do tell more about your el-cheapo tv dongle SDR

Models and Hobbies / Re: Any one into Ham Radio?
« on: August 18, 2019, 10:23:50 PM »
phraseology as in linguistics?
as far as amateur radio is concerned, english is the required language.
although there are those who doesn't really follow this.
there are computer software that you can get to practice a particular language (e.g. rosetta stone)
start with simple words, then later on simple sentences, then more words, then complex sentences.
finding someone to practice this with will be a challenge, but there are language forums that you can check out, iím pretty sure there is one for a particular language you wanna learn

Models and Hobbies / Re: Any one into Ham Radio?
« on: August 17, 2019, 10:39:58 PM »
we have the same problem, i live in an apartment building and also have those restrictions, my antenna farm is at the fire escape and i have to color them flat red red so it wont be easily seen from the ground, still can be seen if you look carefully but if your just passing by and at night time, it virtually invisible.
satellite and moon bouncing is on the hobby part of ham radio, just another way to propagate that signal. for disaster coordinating purposes, you just need a good transceiver and a good antenna.
to cover distances like Manila and Samar, HF is the way to go, VHF will be a bit more of a challenge unless your in a high location with not much obstruction to line of sight, stacked antennas and high power outputs. satellite and moon bouncing can help with that.
Theres a motto here in New York/New Jersey area, ďwhen the phones are down, the Hams are upĒ.
Most of the Hams here (not all) are volunteers for ARES, Amateur Radio Emergency Response, in case of emergency, it can easily be tapped to help and coordinate.
SDR is becoming popular as well, small and light, programmable by computer, its the next generation, but it kinda still rely on computer and internet. internet needs phone service, if the phone service is down, it will be very limited (i think) (what do i know) (iím an old dog that canít really learn new tricks)
Just be careful on acquiring those vintage sets, itís like buying a second hand car, try to know the history and what that particular rig have thru.

Models and Hobbies / Re: Any one into Ham Radio?
« on: August 17, 2019, 09:09:30 PM »
@ Salbahis
my Mk2G is doing ok, it was running too warm for my taste every time i use it, unlike my IC-718 (i don't have it here with me right now, was sent to the Philippines, its in storage). So i did the internal fan modification, and now it doesn't run as warm as before. What happened to yours?
iíve always wanna try bitx-40, since iím on 40meters most of the time the radio is on. i want to assemble one hehehe, i just don't have the time right now, i cant even go to my ships lately

the pseudo-pelican was a great idea, thatís genius! i always see ďgo-boxĒ advertisements on qst magazine using those used ammo box, ďhammo-boxĒ they call it, but i'm just wondering how heavy it can get, but as far as protection is concerned, no question about it, its just gonna be too heavy. my IC-706Mk2G has an AT-180 auto tuner that came with it, didn't use it coz it heavier than the home-brew manual tuner . now that the Mk2G is fixed at the shack, i still don't use the AT-180 hahaha coz i am running an amplifier booster (Midland HF767) and the AT-180 canít handle over 100watts.
thats the challenge of qrp, have to be specific on the frequency you want to work with, and tune your rig to that specific band.
speaking of tuning, what do you use to check your swr? an antenna analyzer or the swr meter?

ever tried satellite communications? the baofengs are light and can be used for this, just have a dual band yagi, small enough for you to hand held it and point upwards to the sky in the direction of the satellite. also try ďmoon bouncingĒ your signal

Models and Hobbies / Re: Any one into Ham Radio?
« on: August 15, 2019, 08:08:43 AM »
i once made a go bag myself during my airsoft days, i put in my Icom IC-706mk2G in it with a small lead battery in it. used mostly the VHF and UHF frequencies with a dual freq antenna. for HF i had an end fed wire antenna that fit the bag pocket of the bag just in case i just want to go in the air and make contacts. also got a home brew antenna tuner to make my radio happy and donít go overheating on me. sometimes i have the straight key as well to go with it. it was not that heavy, its manageable, its a backpack style.
now the IC-706mk2G is part of the shack, itís connected to an amplifier and antenna tuner for the HF band. i dont use the 50hz frequencies coz i don't have the proper antenna yet and propagation on that frequencies are not that good yet. the VHF/UHF is hooked up to a home brew dual band dipole antenna thatís horizontally polarized coz i do SSB and CW in VHF here in my area, pretty quite on the UHF side as far as SSB and CW is concerned. for FM on VHF/UHF i use my other old rigs, Icom IC-28H for 144mhz, Icom IC-38A for 220Mhz, Icom-48A for the 440mhz, and the IC-1200 for the 1200mhz band. yes iím an Icom freak hahaha. thats the brand i grew up with. it all started with the Icom IC-02AT. also have the Icom ID-880H, i have really tinker with d-star yet, its in the shack but never use it much.

Tecsun PL-600 is not a bad receiver, just have to get used with the tuning coz it can get noisy.
Baofeng UV-82 are good radios to begin with, just throw away the antenna it came with and you made the right decision to swap it for a nagoya hehehe. the only portable i have right now is an old Icom IC-32AT. big brick of a radio but its a tank.

i live in a studio in an apartment building so my weak point and problem is the antenna, i have to use small antennas just to get my signal out.
how about you guys, do you have restrictions as far as antenna is concerned?

Models and Hobbies / Re: Any one into Ham Radio?
« on: August 10, 2019, 08:54:00 AM »
so what are the stuff you guys have in your radio shack?

@girder, what frequency do you listen to most of the time?

@talibong, i also stayed with the traditional, the good ol rag chewing and sometimes cw, coz my morse code is rusty and can only do 5-10 wpm. never did tried rtty and other modes. i do have a radio capable of d-star, never really had the time to tinker with it. building an antenna is the fun part of the hobby, finding that perfect antenna that meet your needs.

not really sure when is the next hamvention, i think that was in june or was it may? not really sure

Models and Hobbies / Re: Videogames featuring the AFP
« on: June 04, 2019, 01:44:45 AM »
there's this game called "Fleet Command" released around 1999

Fleet Command, previously labelled as Jane's Fleet Command, is a real-time tactics naval warfare simulation computer game released in May 1999.[1] It was developed by Sonalysts Inc. and published by Electronic Arts (EA). The game licensed parts of Jane's Information Group's military information database, which was used as an in-game "Jane's Library", reference material that the player could refer to while in-game. Jane's also licensed to EA the "Jane's" name and the "Jane's Combat Simulations" logo, and the game was marketed under the "Jane's" name, much like the previous "Jane's Fighters Anthology", also published by Electronic Arts.

it can be a single player or multi-player.
released for PC, 1 CD/DVD for install and update
later on it can be downloaded on "STEAM" website

upon install, there was only one unit that belonged to the Philippine Navy, that was the Bacolod Class
later on there was a software where you can modify/add/subtract units to the game,
some die hard players who have the a 3D software that can create/modify the 3D files of the game made and added units to it (some boats that was not on the initial list of ships that can be played)

you can also create scenarios, there are already some scenarios included but you can also modify those

it is mostly about naval tactics but you can also add air force units and army ground units in it but are limited, especially the ground units

i still play the game sometimes,
my copy of the game already have the Del Pilar Class, Rizal Class, Jacinto Class (still have to modify the weapons and sensors a bit more),  Tarlac class and the Malvar Class. also have the F-5's, F-8s, OV-10 and T-28s, UH-1, still trying look for the S-211s in it

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