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General Discussion / Re: Blackhawks on Mapun and Turtle Islands
« on: April 09, 2022, 01:12:39 PM »

Considering the distance to the remotest island ,PAF must consider installation conformal fuel tanks for the S70i black hawk helicopters. The conformal fuel tanks(1 tank=380 liters, total of 760liters for two tanks) can be install (within 15 mins) if required and remove if not needed. The cost will be substantial less compared  to winglet installed tanks . Although the amount of fuel is lesser but extra 120 nautical miles range is substantial .

The other option is an internal extra fuel tank which can be install within 10 minutes . it provides extra 733 liters of fuel or 120 extra nautical miles.

see links:

for conformal tanks.

for internal tank.


Options to increase operational range for S70i blackhawk helicopters

Kalayaan Island Group and Other Disputes / Re: Pag-asa Island (Thitu)
« on: February 21, 2022, 10:35:59 PM »
All other claimants such as vietnam, china and taiwan constructed heavy structures that have dual purpose that we can qualify as bunker, reinforced against artillery or explosive. If we see closely the structures they constructed, they are heavily reinforced and well built for long term service. They are aware that they are building structures that are contested by the others and the  possibility of military action is real. To act nice and be agreeable to others that are willing the take direct action against us, i find it  illogical and  counter productive in protecting our claim.
It is also more economical if we build structures that can last more 50 years considering the expense and logistical difficulties of transferring materials from palawan to pag-asa island.
My point,better build heavy structures that have dual service now than thinking to build later when possibility of conflict comes. To build or reinforce only when that time comes,it will be too late or even more expensive.

Kalayaan Island Group and Other Disputes / Re: Pag-asa Island (Thitu)
« on: February 18, 2022, 09:20:50 AM »
[Video] Barkong maghahatid ng relief supplies sa Pag-asa Island, bibiyahe na @ UNTV

Naghahanda nang bumiyahe ang isa pang barko ng PCG na maghahatid ng relief supplies sa Pag-asa Island na napinsala rin ng Bagyong Odette.

Thankfully, the evacuation center was left intact, though most buildings are damaged in some way.

Building common or typical structures in Pag-Asa island is a bad investment. AFP/ govt must revise this policy of building code. AFP must build structures that will survive and resistant to storm, indirect artillery fire and function as a bunker in times of war. It will be a waste of money if they rebuild and construct the same type of structure. They must also construct below ground structure to store arms, ammo,food and other essential material needed for long siege .

for the next batch of sikorsky choppers - maybe 6 units will have refueling boom and stub wings to carry extra fuel tanks for long range deployment possibly in west philippine sea .

Videos & Images / Re: Sikorsky S-70i in PAF service
« on: January 21, 2022, 05:44:57 PM »
For the next batch of sikorsky helicopters - probably 6 choppers have refueling capabilities and with stub wings for extra fuel tanks for long range capabilities. these maybe deployed in west philippine sea area.

I realized this capability is pre-mature. I wrongly assumed that FA-50 have air -refueling probe already and the black hawks second purchase can install refueling boom. I thank LionFlyer and Adroth for their thoughts. I guess this trend will be put into shelve. Once MRF is final , this can be relevant again.

I share one true combat mission in iran-iraq war. the iran air force at that time have air refueling capability and still have well trained pilots and fighter bombers . they able to bombed and destroy almost two thirds of iraqi air force on the ground.

it was a movie but it shows how air refueling capabilities was a game changer.

Our air force asset are few . Giving it an air refueling capabilities, it can double or triple the strike range and its loitering time ,depending on its mission. Our possible adversary have 100:1 advantage in their favor. We cant catch up on them in numbers but we can have an edge in keeping our future MRF more loitering time ,carry more ordnance and longer strike range . We can hit them from the sides they dont expect.

Airbus can now install removable air refueling capability for its C-295 which we have . We can send SOCOM operators far even to spratly's in single haul. We can use black hawks  to drop troops and supply BRP Sierra Madre.

there are many  possibilities.

PURPOSE: Phil air force must have air refueling capability to extend the flight time of future MRF, FA-50, C-295 transport , Black hawk heli, and other aircrafts.

PAF have limited assets, one way to increase its operating capability is to extend their range or flight time by air-refueling. MRF and FA-50 and black hawk helicopters can stay longer, cover more area, extend their strike range and more . FA-50 can maximize  bomb loads and arsenal without extra tanks.

1] KC-130J - 1 UNIT


1st PHASE: PAF will purchase 2 refueling kit for C-295 air for FA-50 and black hawk
2nd PHASE: PAF will add one-KC-130J for new MRF, FA-50 and more black hawk
3rd PHASE: PAF add one more KC-130J to service more MRFs

One thing i cant confirm ,if our FA-50's have air-refueling probe. Looking on the new black hawks, need to add air-refueling boom pipe , maybe the next purchase , air-refueling capability must be added for black  hawks.

Napansin ko lang sa recent encounters sa maguindanao, Ibang iba na ang movement o response ng AFP ngayun, hindi na tig dadalawa ang mga SIMBA na pina padala , maramihan na

I guess this is the lesson learned in Marawi City. When they sent troops to arrest Hapilon ,the police and military sent a small arresting team. They were repulse because of the big turnout of terrorists who reinforced Hapilon. They underestimated the Maute terrorist strength then. The AFP now, make sure they send more than enough firepower , more armor and hundreds of troops to stopped any attempt to replicate any marawi type scenario. This is a good strategy. Brigade size quick reaction force.

this is a bit out of topic.
I suggest that PN will  use one of the four decommissioned legacy ships as a permanent reinforcement for the BRP Sierra Madre. PN can beached beside BRP Sierra Madre. And assigned Marine troopers to guard it. This is better for its guns are still operational and the hull is still in good condition . My choice is BRP Quezon. This can help extend our hold on EEZ and strengthen our claim. DFA can rebut any diplomatic protest on this move for they even dont stop building up their own.

I have cousins who were enlisted from 1969 to 1972 in They aged 18 and 19 years old(at that time).They were deployed in Cotabato province during the height of MNLF led moro insurrection. they were deployed in cotabato province.
 Part of their daily ration ,they were given one tablet a day and required to be taken infront of their officers with assistance of medical personnel. As per explanation of the medical officer, this  tablet will help them resist fatigue and make them alert . Yes, it was very effective according to my cousins. This tablet makes them indeed alert and resist combat fatigue. The medical officers did not divulge the name of the tablet but it was an order for them to take it daily. According to my cousins, they like the tablet, because they dont feel tired, and dont feel hunger and they can fight,move and run all day. This tablet was given only when they have combat operations but never in R & R or inside their barracks. They cant access these tablets unless given to them by their medical officer.
This story ,i also heard this from other Phil.Army Enlisted Men during that time but i dont have proof or evidence if this tablet were indeed amphetamines or methamphetamine.
I dont think our govt will confirm nor deny  this story.

Combat Drone Footage in Marawi Siege;

At the start of the video, there are two armored assets deployed . One is simba at the road and one M113 at vacant lot.
Troops asked for mortar fire support . We can heard that Army squads deployed nearby ready to engage. We can hear that at least one  81mm mortar team is providing fire support. We can also observed that terrorist team was inside the burnout building . Each building was designated with number as target identification and grid coordinates calculation . We can observed that terrorist avoids exposed buildings(along the street or roads) where direct fire from simba and M113 can be effective. The most effective fire support here is the mortar team or howitzer. But in this footage, we can observe mortar or indirect fire is the most effective in cluster of concrete building. The drone is giving a valuable real time target identification and acquisition and damage assessment including real time intel for the ground troops.

The coordination between mortar team and drone observers(including the CO) is good . The mortar shots were adjusted to the current location of the terrorist. Some were off by 10 to 20 meters but correction done ,the next shots close to 5 meters to the target.

The next videos, shows that  terrorist are deployed in the cornfield to flank attack the deployed APC. The APC and troops are prudent(cautious) in their return fire to avoid stray rounds . If the APC have mark 19 grenade launcher or 60mm mortar mounted, it can lobbed accurate fire . However, one observer suggest to his CO for mortar fire and the CO assures that. But the mortar fire have to be coordinated to higher ups for approval. The video footage finished without the mortar requested not yet provided. The scenario would be better if mark 19 RCWS or 60mm mortar on the APC are available. The response time is shorter and can neutralize the terrorist immediately.  The FA-50 bomb run were accurate and devastating.

IMHO , this situation can be improved further if
1] use a precision guided mortar round-this limits the rounds to be fired. Drone can be installed with LASER designator to point the exact target. I dont know if this is available in Army now or still being planned or pending in the procurement.
2] procure a 120mm mortar that can do more damage- build-up area such as concrete walls and floors lessens the effect of 81mm or 60mm round.But still 81mm or 60mm are cheaper for smaller but more numerous targets. Aside from HE rounds , mortars can deliver smoke, WP and illumination round.
3] armored personnel or simba mounted with 81mm or 60mm mortar (aside from direct fire weapons)can provide more flexible and even distribution of  indirect  fire support to  supporting assault teams . The two armored assets are being standby to provide direct fire once needed. If would be better if these armored assets have mortar , it can actively provide lobbed mortar bombs with the comms on the drone and assault troops already engage with the terrorist.
4] The troops must used two drones ,one on standby and one deployed. In case the drone is low batt, the standby can continue the visual intel . The quadrocopter drone is better than wing type because it can provide steady and continous the visual intel. It can  provide accurate coordinates to mortar or howitzer, for its hovering capabilities.

In relation to our topic;
1] Indirect fire capability(mortar or mark 19)for armored assets are ideal for MOUT and even on open terrain.
2] 120 mm mortar is a great in MOUT considering the firepower over concrete walls, floors ,roofs and concrete barriers to effectively neutralize opposing forces.
3] The 105mm direct fire cannon would be great for buildings along the streets or roads or open. But for buildings inside the block, indirect fire is effective.

A indirect fire capability for Sabra Tank meets the needs of AFP especially in MOUT as shown in the drone combat video  footages.

This is not directly related to radar but it will complement  radar ability to see and identify with help of UAV. A firm in US able to develop and tested surveillance pod for UAV( predator type). It can conduct SIGINT operations. PAF just receive UAV from Israel, this might help PAF conduct SIGINT around EZZ and as well counter insurgency.

This is the link;

In case of comparison between Mk 19 40mm x53mm grenade round to 60 mm mortar round;

40x53mm round limitations and capabilities;

fix round means , propellant charge are fixed. only the elevation can be adjusted for hit desired range. explosive charge is between 38 grams to 40 grams. but can be fired successively to compensate for its limited killing radius. the common setup for mk 19 maximum elevation is 45 deg. but if engineers can modify mk 19 to elevate to 85 deg. this is an added capability.

60mm mortar round limitations and capabilities;

two factors to hit desired range- by increasing charge propellant and adjusting elevation. it is more flexible compared to mk 19. the common explosive charge between 170 grams to 250 grams for long range series. killing radius between 10 meters to 12 meters.

If PA can install mk 19 and at the same time 60mm mortar , this is a great combination. one can bridge the limits of the other , to create an overlapping field of fire and can engage different targets both direct and indirect fire , these complements the 105mm main gun with  0.50 cal HMG and 7.62mm GPMG.  with these combinations, sabra is a formidable platform .
If it can add sniper detection system and  hopefully active protection system . it can handle MOUT, open ,forested and anti-amphibious battlefield conditions.
I know this is a stretch on what AFP have in mind. Desiring these  weapon add-ons step-up the sabra capabilities.

Consider these options;

1] sabra tank with 105mm main gun and 60mm mortar (7.62mm and 0.50cal HMG included)  both has direct and indirect capabilities in one platform. 60mm mortar is located on the left most side of the turret. or loader side. It can hit targets inside trenches, in ditches, in irrigation canal, foxholes or behind building , behind walls and rooftops. It can lay smoke screens for infantry advance . A combination of firepower from 105mm and 60mm mortar plus HMG and GPMG within the direct control and discretion of one tank commander without time delays is a big factor.
it is no longer constrained on using o.50 HMG to hit rooftop targets possiblity of stray 0.50 slugs hitting populated area 1km or 2km behind the target. It can lobbed 60mm mortar on the rooftop. 60mm mortar can add another dimension for tank capabilities.

2] For tank with direct fire only. There will be Delays in fire support.- this is a battlefield reality. Indirect fire support from 81mm/ 120mm mortar and   105mm howitzers needs higher ups approval. Needs to prep the rounds and calculations need double checking ,these preps and checking consumes time. According to tank crews i interviewed, it takes time, 30 minutes or even an hour. Maybe they exaggerate a bit, but delays can kill. Try to observe the procedures followed by artillery team before sending rounds down range and compare the attached video (showing IDF crew firing 60mm mortar). It is faster. Procedures are followed for the safety of the troops down range and assurance those rounds will not cause collateral damage.

Let me qualify, i am not against active protection system, sniper detection system, or bmpt terminator. Im with it.

adding a 60mm mortar in the sabra turret will not cost much(they might even put it as free add-ons). with one small weapon, you add another capability for one tank.
An indirect fire capability for tank is an asset not a burden.

 the 81mm/120mm mortar team might appreciate that sabra tank wont call often for fire support bcoz it can handle small anti-tank teams hiding behind walls or ditches . It can handle some small targets . It might bridge some of that capabilities in limited scope.

Let me summarize my points. An added Indirect fire capability for a tank is real asset not a burden. There is always time delay from artillery support (81mm mortar is classified artillery)for it  needs BATCOM approval(at the least). Delays can cause lives.

If there an issue on space inside sabra turret, let Elbit confirm it and ask them how they can do about it. If Elbit says no-cannot put for space constrain, then the discussion is closed .But if Elbit says, they can do it, why limit the capability of sabra tank .
And if Elbit ,can offer sniper detection system with minimal cost. Im with it.

Jokingly aside, it Elbit can make sabra swim and fly at the same time, im with it.

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