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PURPOSE: Phil air force must have air refueling capability to extend the flight time of future MRF, FA-50, C-295 transport , Black hawk heli, and other aircrafts.

PAF have limited assets, one way to increase its operating capability is to extend their range or flight time by air-refueling. MRF and FA-50 and black hawk helicopters can stay longer, cover more area, extend their strike range and more . FA-50 can maximize  bomb loads and arsenal without extra tanks.

1] KC-130J - 1 UNIT


1st PHASE: PAF will purchase 2 refueling kit for C-295 air for FA-50 and black hawk
2nd PHASE: PAF will add one-KC-130J for new MRF, FA-50 and more black hawk
3rd PHASE: PAF add one more KC-130J to service more MRFs

One thing i cant confirm ,if our FA-50's have air-refueling probe. Looking on the new black hawks, need to add air-refueling boom pipe , maybe the next purchase , air-refueling capability must be added for black  hawks.

Question: which is better indirect fire support for rifle platoon? 60mm commando mortar or 40mm grenade launcher?
parameters of discussion
1] firepower
2] infantry load
3] cost of weapon and ammo
4] cost of maintenance
5] combat reliability and effectiveness
6] why european and middle east infantry uses commando mortar compared to US infantry
7] history of combat uses- strength and weakness

60mm commando mortar references

40mm grenade launcher references

british 51mm mortar

General Discussion / Spyder SAM bought by Philippines?
« on: January 25, 2019, 10:14:23 PM »
Is this true? Not mentioned  in previous post.

Somebody can confirm this?

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Video showing how it is operated and mounted inside merkava tank

A mockup mounting

Page 2 of the Elbit brochure for 60mm mortars

Did AFP consider to mount this type of 60mm mortar inside the turret of simba and M113 APC?
This type of mortar will give indirect fire capability for AFP simbas and M113 turreted APC . It can hit targets hiding behind walls, inside trenches, top of building and behind reverse slope. IDF used this mortar from merkava 1 to 3. In merkava 4 they install self-loading type.

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