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Interesting to know where 1451 is. It is the one with FLIR and weather radar.

These large MRRVs do have helicopter hangars.

As a minimum, design load of helideck platform and hangar should be able to accommodate the maximum-take-off weight of the heavier helicopter listed below with a margin for heavy landing conditions/ factor of safety:

1) AIRBUS EC145 T2
4) BELL 412EP

Mitsubishi ShipBuilding was issued a NOA last January 17, 2020 for the construction of two 94 meter MRRVs. Hopefully, no more issues so that the NTP can be issued right away.

General Discussion / Re: Uparming the Parola class MRRVs
« on: October 18, 2019, 04:45:56 PM »
In the 2018 PCG budget, they had an allotment for six 50 Cal. RCWS, but an image from PCG looks like they were "additions" to the RCWS buy.

If there is an ambiguity in the tech specs, almost every time, they say, just implement what’s in the latest Kunigami class variant.

Regarding the helicopter support equipment, the reference is the Gabriela Silang.

Admins, this thread can now be renamed as such

General Discussion / Re: PNP Rotary Aircraft
« on: September 20, 2019, 05:50:15 PM »
PNP helicopters awarded since 2017:

1 unit awarded 2017 June 28 -  (PNP-17-12G) - Twin Engine
2 units awarded 2017 December 19 - (PNP-17-44G) - Single Engine
2 units awarded 2018 July 9 -  (PNP-18-13G) - Single Engine
2 units awarded 2019 January 24 -  (PNP-18-73G) - Training Single Engine
3 units awarded 2019 May 16 -  (PNP-18-37G) - Single Engine

So far, 10 helicopters bought by the PNP as of September 2019.

That is seven H125s, one Bell429, and two new R44 for training.

Besides the 40 units of 11.5 meter High Speed Response Boat project, the DOTr has a pending unfunded 16.61 billion ODA-planned (4.29 billion local counterpart fund?) project for 20 units of 27.3m Fast Patrol Crafts.

Second H145, without the FLIR.

Last publicly available update for the proposed second 84m OPV was September 2018. "As of date, DOTr has yet to submit the ICC requisite documents for the acquisition of additional one 82-meter OPV. "

The cost was increased to PHP 5.91374 billion (USD 109.01 million) from 4.12226 billion. *Exchange Rate: 1 USD = PhP 54.25 Source: BSP Rate as of September 28, 2018.

Latest information from the DOTr is that the first and second vessel is for delivery around March 2022 and June 2022, respectively, if there are no more delays. Bidding for construction is on-going.

Latest information from the DOTr is the second vessel is for delivery around June 2022 if there are no more delays.

Defense Legislation / Re: PH 2019 Budget
« on: July 23, 2018, 06:25:17 PM »
The proposed AFP Modernization Fund for 2019 is still at PHP 25 billion. Hopefully, this will be increased when the House and Senate deliberates on this..

Thanks 40niner!  :)

Care of pachador, he quoted a related Sept 27, 2016 - GMA News article that states:

"The next one will be arriving in December, the next three months thereafter darating na siya. The president two weeks also approved the procurement of two vessels katulad ng sa China, yung dalawang malaki. Magiging malaking tulong sa amin. We are also negotiating two more vessels from France," he added.


The government is also planning to order two ships from France to add to the PCG’s fleet.

Looks like a POSSIBLE preview of a Philippine Ports and Coast Guard Capability Development Project Phase 2. But to temper anyone's expectations, it is still at the start of the NEDA project proposal processing as of May 2018, so likely still a long way to go.

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