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Title: GA Laser Etching Machine
Post by: adroth on January 01, 2017, 04:11:38 PM
With completion of a P35M acquisition of laser etching and packaging machines, the GA gained the ability to place serial numbers on EACH individual cartridge it produces and then package them in 30-round cartons which will then be bar coded. This acquisition was designed to facilitate accounting and traceability of ammunition. This was a good governance measure undertaken in light of past controversy over AFP ammunition being found in the hands of enemies of the state.

Title: Re: GA Laser Etching Machine
Post by: adroth on January 01, 2017, 05:41:04 PM


The Government Arsenal (GA), a bureau of the Department of National Defense, is the only government Agency that is mandated by law to manufacture weapons, ammunition and other munitions for use of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine National Police (PNP) and other Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).

Since its creation in 1967 until today, the GA is only capable of manufacturing small arms ammunition (SAA). Considering, however, the fact that the GAs manufacturing equipment belong to the first generation machinery with low-rated capacity, its limited yearly production primarily go to the AFP and to a very limited extent to the PNP, upon approval from the Secretary of National Defense.

Similar to other manufacturers, the GAs responsibility and accountability, as a producer of small arms ammunition, "ceases" from the time the items are hauled by the AFP and/or the PNP as we do not have the capability to monitor on which AFP or PNP units these ammunition are issued.

As an offshoot of the Ampatuan incident whereby GA-manufactured ammunition were recovered from their residence, we in the GA initiated the acquisition of a Laser Marking and Packaging Machine to establish traceability of every round of SAA being manufactured in the GA. The Laser Marking machine provides markings on every round of SAA and collected through bar codes, which could be used to trace as to whom the ammunition was last issued upon examination of the fired case. The machine has been delivered and is now undergoing commissioning process. This would make the GA the second ammunition manufacturer in the world that employs laser marking.

We aim to acquire at least another three (3) units of this machine to cover all calibers of ammunition being manufactured in the GA.