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Title: ROCA M-41 Walker Bulldog light tank
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By far the biggest user of operational Walker Bulldogs, Taiwan has 625 of the tanks in service as of 2016, according to the International Institute of Strategic Studies.

These are a mix of the Type 64 and M-41D versions modified with several upgrades — the M-41D includes a more powerful engine, a Taiwanese-made gun with thermal sights and a 7.62-millimeter FN MAG machine gun. The Type 64 is a Taiwanese-built Walker Bulldog with an M-60 machine gun — in addition to the main cannon — and heavier armor.

The Taiwanese army is heavily armored in general, with 200 M-60 tanks and 365 M-48 Patton tanks in its arsenal, along with hundreds of armed infantry fighting vehicles and more than 1,000 armored personnel carriers. With the Chinese People’s Liberation Army less than 120 miles away and reluctance by other countries to anger China by providing military aid, Taiwan will keep as many of these old beasts in service for as long as it can.

a Taiwanese M-41. Photo via Wikimedia