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Title: ROCA Cobra attack helicopter
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Before Taiwan acquired the AH-1W, the ROCA had used the UH-1H fitted with 2.75-in rocket launchers to fulfill the gunship role. Then in 1991, Taiwan requested the purchase of 18 AH-1W and 12 OH-58D from the U.S. under the program codenamed "Lu Peng", to improve the attack capability of ROCA's helicopter fleet. The letter of acceptance was signed in February 1992 and nine were delivered to ROCA in April 1993, thus making Taiwan the second foreign operator of the Supercobra (Turkey is the first). Along with these helicopters, 1000 AGM-114C Hellfire anti-tank missiles and about 300 AIM-9S Sidewinder air-to-air missiles were also ordered. By April 1995, Taiwan had ordered another three batches of eight AH-1W, bringing the total ordered to 42. These helicopters were to equip to two attack helicopter groups.
In 1997, Taiwan made another request for 21 additional AH-1W to equip the third group. The contract for the first 9 helicopters was awarded on October 3, and that for the remaining 12 on December 19. Delivery of all 21 AH-1W had been completed in 2001.

During their service with the ROCA, Taiwan's AH-1W had been retrofitted with NTSF-65 Night Targeting System (NTS) and the AN/ALQ-144 infrared countermeasure system. In the spring of 1999, two AH-1W helicopter simulators, worth almost $7 million, were ordered from Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation for training the crew.
Title: Re: ROCA Cobra attack helicopter
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