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Title: DARPA's Operational Fires (OpFires) development programme
Post by: Ayoshi on November 27, 2018, 01:38:18 PM
From: Janes ( - 26 November 2018
DARPA issued a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) in March 2018 seeking innovative solutions for the OpFires Propulsion System, with the provision that "the successful performers for the OpFire Propulsion System programme will have recent, relevant, and significant experience and expertise in propulsion system design and development to include booster performance analysis and missile integration."

According to DARPA, "OpFires Propulsion System focuses on the early development and demonstration of innovative booster solutions, including, but not limited to, liquid and hybrid propellant mixtures, pintle motors, variable thrust nozzles, pulse motors, re-ignitable propellants, and other technologies that vary thrust and manage energy at scale for large tactical missiles. Innovations such as these will need to maximize the operational range envelope of an integrated missile system and adapt to a variety of potential payloads."

Artist's concept of the joint DARPA/US Army Operational Fires concept. Source: DARPA