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Title: PMC MITSS Project
Post by: redcomet_m on September 29, 2016, 10:12:35 PM
from sheperdmedia ( covering ADAS 2016
This solution is being supplied by Triton Communications Corporation, a Philippine company. Citing a confidentiality agreement, Triton declined to name the UAV platform, though it could confirm it comes from overseas.

Shephard understands the Super Swiper UAV from Emmen Aerospace is the platform selected by the Philippines. The hand-launched Super Swiper has a maximum two-hour endurance and 16km range.

The MITSS is due to be delivered to the marines by June 2017.

some swiper ( specs:
9 Lbs (max flying weight)
1h30 -  2h00 (max)
up to 10 miles
cruise 28 to 70 mph
Max mission Payload 2.3Lbs, Retract Pan Tilt and zoom color camera,  Retract Pan&Tilt and zoom IR thermal camera,
Retract Pan and tilt EO/IR dual sensor,In addition 1.2 Lbs of droppable payload can be carried simultaneously (flight time
reduced to 45min max.)
Though looking back at the old Triton queries in DNDs SBBs:
The specifications for the small UAV calls for a minimum   weight   of   6kgs   and   a   minimum endurance  of  2  hours.  Will  it  be  acceptable  if  the  UAV  offered  has  a  minimum  weight  of  6.5  kgs but with an increased endurance of at least 3 hours?
Considering the bid reqts., Im assuming its a different UAV, but could also be a souped up Swiper. But then again considering the elements it will be used for maybe its shepereds way of diverting the enemy's eyes.