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Title: BRP Datu Kalantiaw (PS-76) (1967-1981)
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photo from US Navy All-Hands magazine 1968. shared by Brayski.

As Completed Specs :
Displacement : 1,620 tons
Dimensions (L x W x D) :      93.3 x 11.2 x 4.3 meters   
Armaments (in PN service) : Guns : 3 x single 3"/50 Mk 26 DP, 3 x twin 40mm L60 AA, 2 x single 20mm Oerlikon, 2 x triple 12.75 TorpedoTubes, 1 single DC rack, 1 Hedgehog launcher

Powerplant :   Two Diesel-electric drive : 6000 bhp to 2 shafts   
Max Speed :   21 knots   
Complement :   11 officer, 154 men         

Completed and commissioned with the US Navy on 18-Sep-1943 as USS Booth (DE 170), a 'Cannon' Class Destroyer Escort.   Served in European theater until June 1945; then transferred to Pacific by July 1945. Decommissioned in 14-Jun-1946 and was placed in the list for possible foreign govt transfer a year later.

A cropped news-clip of an old US newspaper in 1966 where (Datu Kalantiaw's) proposed transfer was mentioned.

USS Booth (DE 170) was loaned and transferred under Military Assistance Program to the Philippines in Dec 15, 1967.  She arrived in the Philippines the next year. 
New tripod mast and radars were part of her refurbishment.  She was eventually stricken from US-NVR in 1978, when she was finally sold to Phil under FMS.         

archived newclip from Gorio B. flickr photostream

Title: Re: BRP Datu Kalantiaw (PS-76) (1967-1981)
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Sept 21, 1982.

Grounded and eventually capsized in Calayan Island, Cagayan Province (,_Cagayan#/media/File:Ph_locator_cagayan_calayan.png) at the height of Typhoon Rubing (aka Clara (Int'l)).  She had a patrol complement of 10 officer and 87 men during that day; only 18 crew members survived.

Photos from

Quote from: aldebaran on: March 29, 2006, 08:57:22 PM from the old forum
   First time to post on this forum and just want to share some info about PN in particular...I once served aboard PS-76 as ASW Officer in 1970 until relieved by ENS Parayno(PMA '70, yes the former BIR Commisioner) , so the info I'm providing is first sept 1981 when the ship was caught by typhoon clara off calayan island in northern phil, more than a hundred Off and EM perished...among the casualties were the EX-O, Cdr Gaurano and the CO, CDR C Donato...the Task Force Cdr Capt A Blancas(PMA '58),whose body was recovered several days later,also died in this worst naval posted Ltjg Ortega (USNA '77)was also among the casualties...the ship was anchored when strong winds and waves came at night time...they can not heave anchor and these forces of nature eventually dragged the ship towards the rocky shore...most of the crew died when they were swept from the deck by high/strong waves and crushed against the rocks ...there were some survivors and they survived because they stayed inside the ship...the USN provided a ship where the bodies where temporarily kept(frozen) before they were finally brought to Sangley Point...we stood vigil watch for several days at the gymnasium while arrangement were being made to ship the dead to their respective hometowns...this incident, I believed, is the worst in PN history in terms of material and personnel losses...the pictures posted rekindled the image I tried to forget for almost 25 years


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The hulk was stripped of all usable equipment including the guns and scrapped. 

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I remember this story, my dad told me he used to be one of the crew of PS 76, together with now cong. golez, I remember we visit the vigil at sangley gym where some of his swag buddies was also the casualty, they abandon ship together with the C/O. Most of them daw na nag abandonship ang cause of death ay dahil ihinanpas sila ng malalaking alon sa mga bato sa shoreline night time daw nangyari kaya madilim at hindi sila makakita. yung di masyado marunong lumangoy nabuhay dahil kumapit lang sa barko.  If this happen in  1981 i was 6 at that time.

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just saw some pictures over the net while looking for picture reference for my models:

here are some more from the same website:
this have appeared in the newspaper:
more pics of the survivors:
Title: Re: BRP Datu Kalantiaw (PS-76) (1967-1981)
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The beached and overturned frigate RPS DATU KALANTIAW (PS-76) lies on its port side during search and rescue (SAR) operations. The ship was overtaken by Typhoon Clara



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Members of Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team Detachment 21 (EOD Det 21) prepare to explode a charge on the hull of the beached and overturned Filipino frigate RPS DATU KALANTIAW (PS-76) during search and rescue (SAR) operations. The frigate was overtaken by Typhoon Clara

Title: Re: BRP Datu Kalantiaw (PS-76) (1967-1981)
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