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Title: Requirements for 2nd-hand equipment
Post by: adroth on September 26, 2016, 09:46:29 AM
To protect the AFP against accepting unsupportable surplus equipment, Administrative Order 169, series of 2007 stipulated the following acceptance criteria.

3.2.3. Used equipment or weapons system may be acquired, provided that:

a. The used equipment: or weapon system meets the desired operational requirements of the AFP;

b. It still has at least fifteen (15) years service life, or at ieast fifty percent (50%) of its service life remaining, or if subjected to a life extension program, is upgradeable to attain its original characteristics or capabilities;

c. Its acquisition cost is reasonable compared to the cost of new equipment; and

d. Tbe supplier should ensure the availability of after-sales maintenance support and services,

To download a copy of this Administrative Order, click here (
Title: Re: Requirements for 2nd-hand equipment
Post by: adroth on September 26, 2016, 09:55:34 AM
One interesting thing I've noticed over the years that a great many AFP personnel aren't even aware of this provision.

The really scary bit was that earlier this year, a junior AFP officer -- of a service that shall go unmentioned -- had taken to posting on the FB extension. He was apparently posting from work as he claims that he would show discussions with his peers. When we started discussing 2nd hand equipment and AO 169 was brought up.

Initially resistant to accepting the assertion that there was an aspect to the procurement process that they themselves -- who were actual AFP procurement officials -- were not aware of, it eventually came down to the forum's standard response to a challenge for information: "Show me the basis".

So a link to the document was sent . . . and reportedly all the AFP personnel in this modernization office had never even heard of the document . . . which still bears of the official bar code of the Office of the President at the time it was published. Silence followed after that.

Sigh . . . if that office is representative of the AFP as a whole, then that arguably explains how we ended up accepting a WHEC that was missing an engine when we got her, and how the Pohang and Mulkae are on the books.